10 Newsletters to Follow If You Want to Crush Your 2022 Goals

Filter out all the noise and make your inbox a fun place once again!

10 Newsletters to Follow If You Want to Crush Your 2022 Goals
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Filter out all the noise and make your inbox a fun place once again!

We get tons of emails every day, including a bunch of newsletters that we don’t even remember subscribing to.

This often leads to our inbox getting more cluttered than ever.

The problem is — we don’t know which newsletters are worth subscribing to and which are the ones that won’t add any value to our lives.

That’s why in this article, I’ve recommended ten of my favorite newsletters whose every single issue is worth reading. These span various niches like writing, entrepreneurship, creative problem solving, etc. that will force you to think out of the box, introspect, and make your life better in some way.

Ready to make your inbox full of emails you look forward to reading every day? Let’s dive right in!

1. One Daily Nugget

One Daily Nugget is a daily growth newsletter designed to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Every day they curate and share one self-improvement nugget from the best inspirational articles ever published on the Internet.

Their idea is pretty simple: If you commit to reading just one short highly impactful article daily, it’ll turn into a small habit that will give compounded returns over time!

For example: In one of their latest issues, they shared why and how Ryan Holiday recommends reading Challenging Books.

Being an avid book reader, this article was extremely valuable to me. I immediately looked over what new books I can read this year that would challenge the storyteller inside me to write even more beautiful stories.

This is just one example. Every time I read their newsletter, I learn a different and better way to live my life.

Imagine how much your life would change by just taking a single self-improvement step every day.

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It’s free to subscribe to their newsletter. Join in here.

2. The Future Party

TheFutureParty is a free daily newsletter that delivers the stories covering the highlights of business, entertainment & pop culture.

Every email they send is full of mind-blowing insights where they break down the trends of today with their possible influence on tomorrow.

If you don’t like reading news regularly but want a way to stay updated, this is the best newsletter you can follow.

For example, in their latest issue, I came to know that Wordle — a puzzle game of words, has helped The New York Times earn millions of paying subscribers in just 5 months. This news reveals how much people love playing Wordle.

Being a regular Wordle player myself, I can take advantage of its traction by making content around it so people who are searching about Wordle can also discover me.

Also, as I own a community of writers, I can organize some internal meetups where we can together play Wordle in the community. This can significantly increase my content and community engagement.

These are just few ideas that came to me after reading this news.

I keep getting many such awesome ideas that are based on practical news and on how Future Party depicts the future.

Screenshot by the author.

It’s a 100% free newsletter. You should definitely join it if you want to stay updated with the news that matters.

Subscribe to them here to become a part of their tribe of 100,000 creative professionals.

3. The Write Way

The Write Way is a paid newsletter that is filled with amazing writing tips from three successful Medium writers: Neeramitra Reddy, Shivendra Misra, and myself to help new writers level up their writing game.

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Every week they share valuable insights on building a writing habit, publishing consistently, and monetizing your writing right from Day 1 of your journey.

The newsletter creators also conduct monthly AMA sessions with their audience to solve all their writing-related queries live.

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But what makes the newsletter unique (and better than a course) is the insane accountability it provides.

Once you join them, you’ll get a customized writing tip every week and regular prompts to hold you accountable for your writing goals. This way, you’re not allowed to leave your writing dreams mid-way, even if you want to.

Isn’t that amazing?

If you’re a writer who wants to make a name for yourself and earn great money from writing what you love, then subscribing to this newsletter can be your best investment in yourself.

Good for you, there’s currently a limited-time offer where the first 50 people get access at a discount of 50% off. Click here to grab the offer now.

4. Twitter Daily by Hypefury

On its surface, Hypefury is a Twitter scheduler. But more than that, its a tool to help you build your personal brand, to stay consistent, and grow your business on Twitter.

For that reason, they’ve introduced Twitter Daily — A free newsletter where they share a daily prompt that you can use to publish a Tweet every day.

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Along with the prompt, they also send a few examples of popular Twitter users who have done it. This provides a lot of inspiration for you to ideate your own Twitter content.

Every Monday, the Hypefury Twitter account selects one participant from the #TweetDaily challenge as the lucky winner who gets a month’s free access to Hypefury.

Screenshot by the author.

This shows how focused they are on helping you generate amazing ideas for your Twitter account. No other Twitter content creation tool comes even close, making Hyperfury super valuable in your journey of growing your business on Twitter.

If you want to grow your Twitter account, this is the only newsletter you need to refer to because every issue is packed with so much value.

It’s free to join them. Subscribe here.

5. The Curious Bunch

The Curious Bunch is a free weekly curated newsletter of bite-sized reads, productivity tools, and resources to help you become creative at what you do.

Vidya, the author of The Curious Bunch, goes through dozens of tools and articles each week and writes about her experience going down rabbit holes and trying them out herself.

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Every issue consists of a Curious pick, a tool, and a comprehensive review, where Vidya introduces its pros and cons together with suggestions of the best use of it in your professional and/or your personal life.

And then there’s The Good Stuff — a curation of different resources and tools for your productivity, creativity, and growth. All the links are complemented with the author’s original thoughts, which adds a personal touch to every piece of information she shares.

Screenshot by the author.

If you’re a creator and would love some creative inspiration sent straight to your inbox every week, this is the newsletter you should subscribe to.

6. Email Marketing Strategies That Work

Email Marketing Strategies is a free newsletter that helps you build your email list from scratch and own your audience.

It talks about the best email marketing practices everyone should follow to stay in the good books of Gmail while creating a valuable relationship with your audience.

Samidha, the author of the newsletter, handles the email list of various businesses. And in the newsletter, she shares her insights about what worked for her clients and what didn’t, so you can do your email marketing mindfully.

Screenshot by the author.

If you don’t own an email list right now or if most of your emails currently land in the spam folder, then this is the newsletter to follow and get your email list up and running.

7. Austin Kleon’s Newsletter

Austin Kleon’s newsletter is an absolute bliss to follow for independent creators. Having written an incredible masterpiece like Steal Like an Artist, his newsletter is full of creative inspiration.

In each edition, Kleon presents a selection of writing, art, music, and creativity-related topics that inspired him in that week, and will also inspire you.

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It’s like having a friend who always recommends something exciting and different. His enthusiasm for great art and ever-burning curiosity is contagious.

Follow his free newsletter here.

8. The Idea Enthusiast

The Idea Enthusiast is a weekly newsletter written by speaker and coach Greg Roth, which shares powerful stories that will help you:

  • Challenge yourself to come out of your comfort zone.
  • Cultivate creative thinking and develop problem-solving muscles.
  • Get new ideas to test every week.

He features case studies that convey the actual efforts taken by the people to reach success, instead of merely providing an overview. Every edition motivates you to take action on whatever you learned, making the newsletter highly valuable and transforming.

If you often find yourself struggling to think of new creative ideas, then you should follow this newsletter.

9. Zero To Marketing

Zero To Marketing by Andrea Bosoni is a monthly newsletter that helps you learn marketing via case studies. The author picks one tool or website every month and shares his insights over how he would’ve grown that brand if he owned it.

Screenshot by the author.

This helps you open your mind view towards the amazing possibilities that can be implemented to grow a tool. This exercise in creative problem-solving cultivates your entrepreneurial muscle.

If you’re looking to start your entrepreneurial jounrey soon, then this newsletter can be the best choice for you.

Subscribe to them here for free.

10. The Writing Accountability Newsletter

Shameless self-plug here: you can also join my writing accountability newsletter — created with the aim to help budding writers grow.

I send two emails every week about how you can become write better, strategize your content around your long-term goal, and get ideas on how to monetize your career as a writer.

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If you’re interested in building a new side-hustle and staying accountable to it, I welcome you to follow my newsletter. You’ll also get my 5-day course on how to become a highly paid writer, for free when you subscribe.

Final Words

I curated the newsletters that I enjoy reading, and I hope you enjoy them too. Summarizing, here are the ten newsletters that I highly recommend subscribing to in 2022:

  1. One Daily Nugget — Shares one self-improvement nugget every day.
  2. TheFutureParty — Shares news that matters, every day.
  3. The Write Way — Weekly newsletter for writers to level up their writing game.
  4. Twitter Daily — Shares a daily Tweet prompt, created by Hypefury.
  5. The Curious Bunch — Weekly newsletter about productivity tools and creativity.
  6. Email Marketing Strategies — Weekly newsletter about enhancing your email marketing game.
  7. Austin Kleon’s newsletter — Weekly newsletter about creative insights.
  8. The Idea Enthusiast — Weekly newsletter about powerful stories that help you grow.
  9. Zero To Marketing — Monthly newsletter about learning marketing from case studies.
  10. Anangsha’s writing accountability newsletter — Helps you write better and monetize your writing skill. Join now to get a free 5-day course on how to become a highly-paid writer.

I hope you loved these recommendations about amazing newsletters to subscribe to. Join them today and you’ll be surprised at how much your life will change in the near future.