15 One-Sentence Stories to Tug at Your Heartstrings

Enjoy these little bursts of creativity

15 One-Sentence Stories to Tug at Your Heartstrings
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Enjoy these little bursts of creativity

  1. The scars on my body have all but healed, but the scars in my mind — they remain as they were five years ago — fresh and indelible.
  2. The man chewing the betel leaf ogled at the young girl sitting on her mother’s lap — society vilified rapists, but no one had told him staring was wrong.
  3. The little boy had no qualms pretending to own a computer in front of his rich friends; lying was okay — after all his mother told him she was happy every day, in spite of the tears she kept hastily wiping away.
  4. He lay unmoving, an empty bottle of alcohol by his side; the doctors had trouble telling who had consumed whom.
  5. The stars still shone at night the same way, but with her father no longer by her side to tell her which was which, the splendid night sky was empty for Suhana.
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6. The sharp blade cutting into his soft flesh had hurt a lot, but the pain was nowhere near as close as the daily dose of callous words from his parents after he had failed to get admitted to a good college.

7. “Justice will be done,” the lawyer said as he pocketed a large sum of money from his client.

8. The famous painter addressed the questions from art critics all over the world with great confidence, but a simple question by a blind boy had him stumped — ‘What do you mean by red?’, he had asked.

9. “I killed him,” she wailed over the dead body of her teenage son, even though the Police had said it was a case of suicide.

10. All his life, the sculptor had shed blood and tears to give shape to his statues, but only later did he realize, that it was his work that had shaped him, and not the other way round.

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11. “Wrong recipient”, he exclaimed, just seconds after the computer screen claimed — ‘Mail sent’.

12. She whiled away her time waiting for better things to come, not realizing that all the chances she had of shaping her life were slipping away from her — second by wasted second.

13. The new job gave him all the money he required, but it took away what he had prized the most — his freedom.

14. She realized how flimsy the façade of happiness she had tricked herself into believing was, the day he walked out the door and walked out of her life.

15. She had taken his wife, children and a major chunk of his health and wealth away from him over a period of ten years, and yet people called her a ‘slow poison’.

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