3 Amazing Books You Should Read Before 2020 is Over

Lesser-known fiction recommendations that will take your breath away

3 Amazing Books You Should Read Before 2020 is Over
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Lesser-known fiction recommendations that will take your breath away

With the holiday season up ahead, it’s time to roll up our socks and delve into some amazing works of fiction.

In this post, I’m sharing three amazing books that had 1000 or fewer reviews on Goodreads but were so good, I fell in love with them right from the first chapter.

If you love reading fiction and don’t mind picking up lesser-known authors, this list of recommendations is for you. The books are relatively short and engaging — so you can finish them in a couple of days. Since there are two months left in 2020, I hope these three books will take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

Be prepared to have your heart stolen by the innocuous beauty of these wonderful books.

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Within the Mind by Alice Winters

Genre: SFF/Psychological thriller

Image: Goodreads

Set in a world where some humans are born with “gifts” — unique superpowers that set them apart from the rest — are the two detectives, Chevy and Seneca.

Chevy is the perfect person for the Force because his “gift” allows him to look into the mind of a person and access their recent memories. He and Seneca have been solving crimes by accessing the memories of victims, until one day, he’s tasked to do something unique. A serial killer has been caught who refuses to give up the location of his surviving victims. Chevy is supposed to sort through his memories and determine the whereabouts of the victims who are still alive. He and Seneca are terrified because neither of them has ever gotten inside the head of a criminal.

As darkness threatens to consume their minds, the duo is forced to battle their innermost demons and overcome what’s been keeping them apart to solve the deadly mystery.

What to expect

Killer chemistry between the lead pair, hilarious banter and a heartwarming romance to leave you with a smile. This book has some truly dark moments and the excellent narration of the audiobook makes them even more chilling. This story is unlike anything I’ve ever read before but ended up among my favourite reads of 2020.

Purchase the book here.

A House Is a Body by Shruti Swamy

Genre: Psychological fiction/mythology (Short stories)

Image: Goodreads

“Had I been dreaming?”, the protagonist in the fourth story asks.

“Yes,” her friend replies.

“Am I dreaming now?”


If there was a quote to describe this book, this would be it.

With dreamy prose and dealing with issues of love, loss, friendship, and motherhood, this book is all about what it means to be a woman. Flitting between India and the United States, the stories take you on a wild ride peppered with kaleidoscopic colours. There is a common thread tying the stories — of introspection, self-reflection, and the inevitability of change. The thread is so strong, that sometimes you forget which story you’re on. The transition between them is so seamless, so magical, it makes this a hard book to put down once you start reading.

What to expect

The audiobook version is beautiful, bringing out the poetic nature of the author’s writing. I don’t normally read collections of short stories, but I’m so grateful I picked this one. This really changed my perspective on human relationships, pregnancy, and motherhood.

Purchase the book here.

How to Be a Movie Star by T.J. Klune

Genre: LGBTQ romance

Image: Goodreads

Josiah Erickson wants to be a movie star. The only problem is that the competition is too high, and he never seems to get past the string of rejections. Things change when a series of coincidences lead him to the book-reading sessions of the insanely popular author, Q-bert, on whom Josiah develops a “friend-crush.” Being demisexual, this scares him because he’s never felt this attraction for a stranger before. Josy has no clue what to do.

What follows is a series of events that ultimately lead to a crazy night where Josy gets high and ends up with a boyfriend, a movie deal, and a supposed Golden Globe nomination.

What to expect

Asexual representation. Accurate mental health representation. This book is like a tight hug you deserve on dark days. It’s light and fluff. It’s cosy blankets and safe spaces. This book is LOVE.

“Sometimes you need to hide away from the rest of the world. And it’s okay to do that. Just as long as you know the world is waiting for you when you’re done.”

Purchase the book here.

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