3 Most Magical Books to Read if You Loved Percy Jackson

Ancient mythology meets the modern world to take you on your next super adventure.

3 Most Magical Books to Read if You Loved Percy Jackson
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Ancient mythology meets the modern world to take you on your next super adventure.

The first chapter of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief took me by surprise.

The action, series of revelations, and the intense tension of the first few sequences hooked me and kept me turning pages until I finished the book. I adored the way ancient Greek mythology was mingled with the bustle of modern-day Manhattan, crafting a story so powerful, it turned me into a lifelong fan.

Since then, rarely have I come across a book (or, to be honest, a series) that’s so enthralling without being super hard to read.

And so, for fellow lovers of fantasy fiction, especially with the twist of imposing mythology into the modern world, I’ve put together this article listing the three most interesting books you’ll definitely love if you enjoyed Percy Jackson.

Read on, for you never know which book in this list might take you on your next super adventure.

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1. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Book One of the Artemis Fowl series (8 books in total).

Image: Goodreads

Twelve-year-old Artemis Fowl is a genius, millionaire, and criminal mastermind. If the rumors on the internet are to be believed, young Artemis is behind every major crime in the new century.

But there’s a secret even someone of Artemis’s caliber doesn’t know — and that’s the existence of magic.

Things go haywire when, out of the blue, Artemis is tasked with protecting one of the biggest secrets the magical world had kept hidden from humanity.

The first mistake he commits is when he kidnaps the fairy, Holly Short, hoping to ransom her off. But what Artemis and Holly discover might topple the precarious balance that separates the world of magic from destroying the human world as we know it.

“Confidence is ignorance. If you’re feeling cocky, it’s because there’s something you don’t know.”

Why you should read it

Can there be a more delightful protagonist than a twelve-year-old genius supervillain?

If you love the thrill of a good-old quest and want to read something different from the usual drill of fantasy fiction, this book is the right pick for you. The crisp writing will make you laugh and enthrall you for hours. Yes, this book is suitable for young teenagers, but it has just enough elements to keep fantasy lovers of all ages engrossed.

Purchase the book here.

2. Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi

Book one of the Pandava series (4 books in total).

Image: Goodreads

For twelve-year-old Aru Shah, the only way to fit in with her classmates is to lie and make her life sound more glamorous than it is. Her friends find her stories a little too much, and one day, three classmates turn up at her doorstep to prove she’s been lying.

Aru had been telling them about how the Lamp of Bharata in the Museum of Ancient Indian Art and Culture is cursed. Her friends dare her to prove this claim is true.

Under pressure, Aru lights the lamp, unwittingly awakening the Sleeper, an ancient demon assigned with the duty to awaken the God of Destruction. With her friends and mother frozen in time, it falls upon Anu’s shoulders to undo an ancient curse and save the annihilation of the world.

How far would she go to protect the ones she loves? And how are the Pandava brothers from The Mahabharata involved in this quest?

“Maybe that’s why superheroes wore capes. Maybe they weren’t capes at all, but safety blankets, like the one Aru kept at the bottom of her bed and pulled up under her chin before she went to sleep. Maybe superheroes just tied their blankies around their necks so they’d have a little bit of comfort wherever they went. Because honestly? Saving the world was scary. No harm admitting that.”

Why you should read it

If you’ve read The Gilded Wolves, you’d know Roshani Chokshi is a fantastic storyteller. Aru Shah and the End of Time has everything you could wish for in a book: humor, action, great characters, and, a generous dose of Hindu mythology.

If you love a delightful blend of fantasy and modern-day life, go ahead and read this book. After all, Rick Riordan, the creator of Percy Jackson himself quoted, “Have you ever read a book and thought, “Wow, I wish I’d written that!”?”

Yes, it’s that good!

Purchase the book here.

3. The Simoqin Prophecies by Samit Basu

Book One of the Gameworld trilogy.

Image: Goodreads

A kingdom grappling with the fear that the rakshas Danh-Gem would be reincarnated soon.

A young prince with the weight of a two-hundred-year-old prophecy on his shoulders.

The last remaining descendent of a race that departed this world so magic would disappear and some semblance of balance would return.

What happens when their paths cross?

As the Goodreads blurb describes, this book is what you get when “Monty Python meets the Ramayana, Alice in Wonderland meets The Lord of the Rings and Robin Hood meets The Arabian Nights.”

Why you should read it

A chimera called Nimboopani?

A desert called Al-Ugobi?

A group of spell-casters called Hex-Men?

The references will make you laugh out loud. If you’re familiar with Indian history and mythology, the Easter eggs will have you squealing with excitement.

The Simoqin Prophecies has all the elements of an epic high fantasy story. There’s a rich world-building, mighty warriors and ancient villains, young heroes who are destined to do great things, and a brilliant narrative laced with humor that will make sure there’s not a single dull moment while reading this book.

This is hands-down one of the wittiest books I’ve read in recent times. Go ahead and treat yourself to it.

Purchase the book here.

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