Create Wealth In Your 20s With These 3 Useful Money Lessons

More than the hard work you put in, you can grow wealth by rewiring your mindset.

Create Wealth In Your 20s With These 3 Useful Money Lessons
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More than the hard work you put in, you can grow wealth by rewiring your mindset.

I grew up with a lot of negativity around money.

In an Indian middle-class family, it is believed that there are only two ways to earn more money: either by overworking yourself and staying at the office for 18 hours a day or by being corrupt.

This cage that I put myself into stopped me from dreaming big for 28 years of my life. Today, I feel I’ve broken free of these limiting beliefs. But the journey here hasn’t been a smooth one, and I’m sure there’s a long way to go before I can truly welcome financial freedom and reach my current income goal ($10k a month).

In this post, I’m sharing three crucial mindset shifts that have helped me make significant progress in my writing business.

If you’re an entrepreneur or self-employed person struggling to pay the bills every month, I’m sure this article will help you. Even if you have a stable job and a thriving side hustle, read on.

These mindset shifts helped me make more money than I ever imagined, and I’m confident they can help any person looking to create significant wealth, irrespective of their age. If you’re in your 20s, these would be even more helpful as they will kickstart your entrepreneurial journey early on, and will help you navigate life with ease.

1. Moving *Away* vs Moving *Towards*

“I want to be rich because I’ve been poor. I’ve had 500 rupees in my pocket and a whole month’s groceries to buy. I know how much that sucks. I don’t ever want to be there.”

That’s why I told my life coach during one of our coaching sessions when he asked me why I want to be rich.

He then explained to me the difference between the “moving away” and the “moving towards” mindset.

At any given point, we are either moving away from something or we are moving towards something. Growth is about how we can switch the “moving away” from life to “moving towards” life.

Moving away means describing something painful. Moving towards means imagining a better future filled with pleasure. All those moving away points are fear-based points, and the moving towards points are growth-based points.

When we focus on growth, we grow. It’s as simple as that.

“Now tell me why you want to be rich?” my life coach asked me again.

“I want to be rich because I want to travel wherever and whenever I wish to. Because I want to give back to the world and our planet. Because I want a happy and secure life for my parents after their retirement and a fulfilled life for myself and my partner.”

And that’s how my life coach reframed my mind and rewired my thoughts from fear to growth. I think this makes a HUGE difference in my mood and also makes my motivation to work more concrete.

2. You Attract What You Focus On

I used to worry constantly about what would happen if I miss out on a great opportunity because I’m so busy chasing the gigs currently in my field of vision.

Then, I had a talk with a friend where he asked me a question that opened my eyes.

“If you keep worrying about what you might lose, then according to the law of attraction, what do you think will happen?”

If I worry about bad things happening, I will attract bad things. If I learn to be grateful for good things that are yet to come my way, I’ll attract the good things. That’s what the law of attraction says in a nutshell.

And so, instead of worrying about a grand opportunity I might lose, I closed my eyes and thanked the universe for bringing an AMAZING opportunity my way.

I don’t know what that opportunity is and I don’t know when it will come. But I trust the Universe that it WILL come to me soon.

As I wrote in a previous article, here’s an affirmation that’s helped me a LOT in this regard:

“I am unapologetic about what I desire and trust that what I focus on will GROW.”

3. You’re Worth What You Let Yourself Believe

When I was looking to sell my first digital product, I thought of keeping the price at $35 per unit. There wasn’t any rule governing this. I arbitrarily chose the number based on what a few minutes of research told me what the industry standard was.

When my boyfriend asked me why I valued my product at such a low price, I told him, “No one would pay me more than $35 for this!”

Then, he asked me something that made me think.

“No one would pay you more than $35? Or are you afraid of charging more than $35?”

The truth in his words hit me hard. I’m a believer in abundance and I know no matter what I sell or how I price it, there will definitely be people who will happily pay for it. All I have to do is define my target audience and work on attracting them.

Why was I so afraid of pricing my product higher and then working on finding the right people to sell it to?

This incident gave me a very important mindset shift I still swear by today: you are worth what you let yourself believe. As Jessica Pereira writes in 5 Steps to Setting Your Freelance Writing Rates Like an Expert,

“If you’re basing your freelance writing rates off of someone else, you’re selling yourself short. If you want to make a nice living off of freelance writing, then you’ll need to reflect on your unique experience and set accurate rates.”

I won’t go into how you can set accurate rates as that would be beyond the scope of this article, but feel free to read Jessica’s excellent article to get an idea about how freelancers can price their services.

Closing Thoughts

It’s hard to truly adopt the abundance mindset and believe that you are worth more than what the world has led you to believe all your life.

But trust me, if you have faith in the value you can provide, you will definitely find people willing to pay for the work you put in. It might take some serious rewiring of your brain, but if you can adopt these three mindset shifts, you will be able to create significant wealth in your life-

  1. In your thoughts, words, and actions, don’t focus on moving away from poverty. Rather, concentrate on moving towards wealth.
  2. It’s natural to worry about what might happen if you fail. The future is uncertain and no one can predict it. But if you adopt curiosity and have faith in the Universe that you will only get amazing things on your way, the chances are high that you will attract these incredible opportunities to you.
  3. There’s no rule set in stone on how you should price your products or services. If you truly believe you’re providing value, you can charge higher and attract the right clients who will happily pay you what you charge.

Are you going to apply any of these three mindset shifts in your life and business? Let me know in the comments.

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