4 Tools That Can 2X Your Content Output in Half The Time

Writers, have you tried using technology to your benefit?

4 Tools That Can 2X Your Content Output in Half The Time
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Writers, have you tried using technology to your benefit?

In 2022, writers often complain technology and AI are taking away their jobs.

According to Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute, most of the content will be created by software in the coming 10 years. That’s a scary scenario, and it’s clear that only the best writers will survive this tectonic shift.

Naturally, many creators are worried if they’ll be relevant a few years down the line. But if you’re smart, and know how to integrate AI and technology into your workflow, then you can create unique and interesting content in much less time.

In this article, I’ve shared four tools that helped me 2x my content output in half the time. If you use them right, they’ll not only improve your productivity but also make you irreplaceable in the industry by giving you an edge over other creators.

1. Motion

When you’re working with multiple clients, your schedule is often all over the place. It’s easy to lose track of which task to do first, leaving the most important ones undone.

That’s why I use Motion to manage my time better.

Screenshot by the author.

You can manage your tasks, calendar, and schedule meetings, all within the same tool. Simply enter your tasks into Motion and integrate it with your calendar with one click. The Motion AI will automatically create a schedule for you sorted in the order of priority.

Unlike other time management apps, Motion’s interface is intuitive and super easy to follow. It also reschedules your calendar if you missed a deadline or if another task popped up.

As a creator, I love how one tool can increase my productivity so dramatically. Earlier, I was spending countless hours trying to build an efficient to-do list that I could finally follow. But I mostly failed. I had to work even on weekends to get my work done. It was frustrating.

But now with Motion, all the headache of planning my work day is taken care of. It gives me a single schedule to follow, helps me block time efficiently, and gets work done much before the deadline.

If you feel you’re working all day but not getting much done, Motion is the best tool for you.


Motion has a 7-day free trial that’s enough for you to test the tool. The paid plan starts from $19/month billed annually with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Check for the whole pricing structure here.

2. Genei

Now that you’ve got your efficient to-do list prepared, you need a tool to help you in content research.

Genei is a great tool that speeds up your research process by analyzing web pages and PDFs with help of advanced AI.

Simply open a blog post or PDF you want to research and click the Genei Chrome extension to summarize all the content for you. It saves you the enormous time and hassle of reading each and every line and gives you the most important points you can use in your content in just a few seconds.

With Genei’s paid web app, you get access to its advanced summarization algorithm which produces more accurate and consistent summaries.

It also helps you:

  • store cloud-based documents and annotations,
  • cross-reference for multiple resources simultaneously,
  • extract important keywords,
  • read extracts, and much more!
(Source: https://eucopy.com/genei-io-review/ )

As a creator, Genei helps you read articles faster and get talking points for your content. It also highlights keywords that help you in SEO and saves you a lot of time in keyword research.

If most of your time is going into content research and you’re looking for ways to optimize it, Genei is the best tool for you.


It has a 14-day free trial where you can test drive the tool. The paid plan starts from $12/month which will unlock all the amazing features to up your research game. Check the whole pricing structure here.

3. CopyAI

Now that you got your research work done, you need to create your final content which is often the most time-taking process.

Using a tool like CopyAI can help you create content faster and give you a competitive edge over other creators. CopyAI is an AI content creation tool for all your social media posts and website blog.

CopyAI has made content creation a game of plug-and-play. All you need to do is pick a template and enter the required details, and your content will be created in a few seconds. The process that used to take hours can now be done in a jiffy.

CopyAI’s “Blog Post Wizard” feature is a complete game-changer for blog writers. It helps you create captivating, plagiarism-free blog posts in under five minutes, reducing your writing time by 80%.

Here’s a complete walkthrough of how to use CopyAI:

Step 1: Enter the title of your blog post and the main keyword. Then enter “Generate Outline”.

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

Step 2: Your outline and talking points will be generated. Change or edit them to fit the content to your needs and click “Generate Content”.

(Source: https://www.copy.ai/blog-writers )

Step 3: Yayy! Your first draft is now created. Polish it to give a personal touch, then publish.

(Source: https://www.copy.ai/blog-writers )

I love how affordable it is, while still providing a sea of templates and quality content. CopyAI is my go-to tool to enhance my content creation game without spending countless hours.


It gives 10 credits/month for free, with 20 bonus credits for the first month. If you want to use Copy AI frequently, you can take the premium package starting from $35/month. Check out the whole pricing structure here.

4. Hypefury

Once your content is prepared, you need to schedule it on various social media platforms. I use Hypefury to schedule my content.

The best thing about this tool is that it’s not just a plain scheduler, but a one-stop solution that helps you grow and monetize your audience. It has multiple growth features like Auto-DM that help you create DM campaigns for lead generation.

All you need to do is, create a Tweet stating you’ll send a free gift to people who DM you, like this one:

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

Since a lot of people can DM and you can’t send gifts to everyone individually, you can set up an Auto-Dm on Hypefury and send 1000+ DMs in just a few seconds.

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

Those who access the free gift would need to enter their email addresses, earning you free interested leads from your Auto-DM campaign!

This one feature can skyrocket your audience growth and turn your Twitter game around. If you take your creative journey seriously, getting this tool is the best investment you can do in your career.

Hypefury also has thousands of templates and in-built Tweet ideas. You can use them as the starting points to write your own content. The ease of idea generation and the intuitiveness with which you can translate your ideas to content can 10x your Twitter output.


Hypefury has a free plan where you can which is enough for you to start out. If you want to unlock the full capability of the tool, get their premium plan starting from $40.83/month. Check the whole pricing structure here.

Final Words

Summarizing, here are the 4 tools that will boost your productivity as a creator:

  1. Motion: Get a single AI-generated to-do list to follow in the order of priority.
  2. Genei: Do content research in seconds and get hands-on summaries of PDFs and blog posts.
  3. Copy AI: Create amazing research-backed blog posts and social media content with just a few clicks.
  4. Hypefury: Schedule content, grow and monetize your audience on Twitter.

I hope this article helped you find amazing tools to enhance your creative content creation game. Start using them today and you’ll be surprised at how fast you’re building your creative empire.

Author’s note: Some of the links mentioned in this article are sponsored. But I love these tools so much, I would never have shared them with you if I didn’t think they can add amazing value to your life and journey as a content creator.

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