4 Websites That Pay $100 Or More Per Article

Find amazing new opportunities on the internet and diversify your income streams.

4 Websites That Pay $100 Or More Per Article
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Find amazing new opportunities on the internet and diversify your income streams.

If you are a writer who’s tired of spending hours of hard work and earning pennies for your work, this article is just for you.

It discusses 4 websites that pay you $100 US or more for each article that gets accepted.

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1. Longreads

Longreads has two categories of articles it accepts.

1. Reading list

These are essay-style articles with a list of books that pertain to a particular theme. The reading lists have to be around 750 words long.

Each article gets a flat rate of $250 for each accepted piece.

2. Personal story

The second type of article is the personal story. You can write about your own story from a cultural standpoint, or you can write critiques of other published work.

These personal essays can be anywhere from 2000–6000 words. You get a flat rate of $500 for each accepted piece.

See their submission guidelines here.

2. Listverse

For Listverse, you can write a list about any list as long as your ideas are “offbeat and novel.” They pay a flat rate of $100 for each accepted article.

Some examples that their website mentions are:

  • 10 Ways in Which College Can Make You Dumber
  • 12 Unsolved Mysteries From Unknown Parts of the World
  • 11 Misconceptions About Weight Loss That You Didn’t Know

Effectively, you can write a list about anything, but you have to include a link to a reliable source as Listverse publishes facts and not opinions.

Another point to keep in mind is that the description of each of your list items has to be at least two paragraphs.

You can, of course, include more items than ten, but ten is the minimum for a list to get accepted.

Note: Currently, Listverse is only accepting submissions from US, UK, NZ, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

See their submission guidelines here.

3. Cracked

Cracked is the world’s number one website for reading funny articles and humor content. As their website says, you are going to get accepted as long as the article is short, good, and smart.

You can choose any topic you want to. It can be a quick insight into current affairs, pop culture, even comics or video reviews.

You get paid a flat rate of $100 for each article. After your fourth submission, each article will be paid $200. Also, if you’re post is among the top ten highest performing posts of that month, you’ll get a $50 bonus as well.

So, if you keep writing for Cracked, you have submitted more than four articles, and your article is among the top ten, you can get paid $250 for each accepted article.

See their submission guidelines here.

4. Bitch Media

Bitch Media accepts pitches for three types of articles with different rates for all these three types of articles.

1. Features

Features are 2200–3000 words long and are detailed pieces on culture with a feminist perspective.

You can also write critiques of literature or your own personal experience as long as it’s backed by facts and research. The rate for features varies from $700 to $1000.

2. Dispatches

Dispatches are about 1200 words long. These are missives from the front lines of real, imagined or fictional places.

Each accepted dispatch gets paid $350 per article.

3. Culture pieces

These are shorter pieces where you can write about books, music, movies, or even profiles and interviews of people who are helping us imagine new possibilities for inclusion and representation.

The culture pieces can earn anything from $250 to $700.

The key point here is that most of Bitch Media’s content has a feminist take to their articles. So if you have any story that fits into these three brackets and has a feminist angle, you should definitely go ahead and submit it to Bitch Media.

See their submission guidelines here.

Final Thoughts

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to start earning from writing, now that medium has stopped paying Indian writers. These were some of the best websites that I’ve found. I hope you found this list useful.

Full disclosure: I’ve applied to all these websites the past week but haven’t heard from them yet. I know they have insanely high editorial standards, but I’m willing to wait.

Even though you can continue earning from Medium, it’s never a bad idea to diversify your writing portfolio and explore different platforms. Depending on a single source of income can be tricky. What would you do if that income source suddenly crumbles?

As a final note, remember that all of these websites have high editorial standards. So, when you’re applying to be a writer, make sure you put your best foot forward.

Happy writing, and happy pitching!

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