5 High-$$$$ Opportunities I Got By Writing on LinkedIn

Being a creator has some unbelievable perks.

5 High-$$$$ Opportunities I Got By Writing on LinkedIn
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Being a creator has some unbelievable perks.

People write on LinkedIn for various reasons.

Some want to be seen as thought leaders. Others raise awareness about their businesses. Yet others try and nurture a community.

I started writing because I heard it’s the one platform with the highest potential for traction and income. I wanted to ride the LinkedIn bandwagon and turn my passion for writing into a business.

A year of dedicated content creation later, LinkedIn has become my go-to platform for finding and converting leads into long-term business associates. It opened up doors for me I didn't even know existed.

How did I go about achieving this?

This post discusses the five high-revenue income streams I’ve built through writing on LinkedIn. If you’re a creator struggling to launch a new revenue stream, read on for some valuable insights on how to turn your LinkedIn audience into a thriving business.

1. Content Marketing Gigs

Before I started writing on LinkedIn, I didn’t know what content marketing was.

Only when I got inbound leads from CEOs and founders did I realize the potential of words to grow and accelerate a business.

Today, I understand -

  • High-ranking blog posts can drive website traffic and improve the company’s online visibility.
  • A targeted content strategy can help a brand dominate multiple social media platforms while ranking #1 on Google, Bing, and other search engines.
  • Well-planned content can attract the right target audience and establish the brand's thought leadership.

For a writer building her online repertoire, getting gigs for writing content in my niche was the biggest perk I could think of.

Thanks to the global community on LinkedIn, I had the option of choosing between US and Australia-based companies, whose pay rate was 20x higher than what I could expect from companies in my country.

Today, I’ve worked with three start-ups and helped amplify their voice. None of this would have been possible without the content marketing opportunities I got as a direct result of posting on LinkedIn.

2. Ghostwriting Opportunities

I’ve been writing on LinkedIn for about a year now. After multiple experiments with content strategy, post types, timings, and formats, I can proudly say I have figured out at least a part of how the algorithm works.

Here are some stats:

  • I grew my follower base to 20,000 in eleven months.
  • I was featured on the official LinkedIn for Creators page in July 2022.
  • Four of my posts have been picked up by LinkedIn News.
  • I have multiple posts with 50,000+ views. My average views per post are somewhere in the range of 8000–20,000.

When I post about these stats, I’ve had clients approach me for ghostwriting gigs. I’ve written LinkedIn posts and worked on personal branding for two Silicon Valley start-up founders and entrepreneurs.

Both have been immensely fulfilling experiences. The results were incredible, and both clients have signed monthly retainers because they were hugely impressed by the reach my ghostwritten posts got them.

I was able to charge $$$ per post only because I spent so much time and energy figuring out the LinkedIn algorithm for my own profile.

3. Product Sales

How does one go from “creator” to “entrepreneur”?

Here’s my story.

I knew my content was impacting lives because of the comments and messages I was getting on LinkedIn. But I was also getting a lot of questions that I couldn’t find the time to answer.

I wanted to help people. But I couldn't type out a similar reply for so many hundreds of people who sought me out to guide them.

And so, I took the most natural step: I compiled all the frequently asked questions about finding high-paying freelance clients and building a business on LinkedIn and put together a digital product.

Since a significant fraction of my LinkedIn audience comprises writers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, posting about these products helped me generate a decent passive income.

I was only posting on LinkedIn to build a personal brand. I didn’t know it would help me launch products, start a new side hustle, and directly impact people’s lives.

4. Consulting Gigs

When I share success stories on LinkedIn, people get inspired.

They want to move out of the hamster wheel of their 9-to-5 and pursue a business that lets them explore their talents.

And so, they're happy to book a call with me when I make it clear that I provide one-on-one consulting.

So far, I’ve consulted with people and helped them-

  • Optimize their LinkedIn profile for high-value lead generation.
  • Build a content strategy to align with their long-term goals.
  • Start a side hustle based on their skills.
  • Identify, nurture, and market their high-paying skills.
  • Pitch to and convert global freelance clients.

Consulting isn’t a significant income stream for me as my prices are pretty high. But I have several recurring customers who are highly impressed by the results my advice could generate.

At this point in my career, this is more than anything I could have asked for.

5. The Most Valuable Asset of Them All

I write on LinkedIn to build a personal brand.

I treat my profile as a place to showcase some of my best work. In reaching 20,000 followers there, I’ve overcome many hurdles to build and nurture a loyal, supportive community.

And this is my biggest asset.

So far, I’ve leveraged this to-

  • Pitch to clients with my LinkedIn profile as social proof.
  • Work with brands whose target audience overlaps with my niche to do sponsored collaborations.

These aren’t reliable or recurring income streams. But they serve as beautiful surprises and build solid credibility for my brand.

If I knew being a creator on LinkedIn had so many perks, I’d have started writing here several years ago.

Final Words

Of late, LinkedIn is the only social media platform where my reach translates directly into business opportunities. Summing up, here are the five ways I’ve leveraged my writing to build a high-paying writing business:

  1. Content marketing for US and Australia-based startups.
  2. Ghostwriting and profile optimization services for Silicon Valley founders and entrepreneurs.
  3. Digital product sales.
  4. Consulting opportunities for LinkedIn profile optimization, lead generation, and in general queries related to life as a freelance writer.
  5. Brand collaborations and social proof.

Have you seen any of these monetary perks for writing on LinkedIn? Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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