6 Impactful Tools to Monetize Your Side Hustle

Diversify your freelance income streams and build wealth even when you sleep.

6 Impactful Tools to Monetize Your Side Hustle
Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Diversify your freelance income streams and build wealth even when you sleep.

Your secret superpower as a freelancer is to have multiple income streams.

I’ve talked several times about how freelancing rarely guarantees a stable paycheck month after month.

Client contracts might be terminated without prior notice, leaving you at sea with no raft to hold on to. The surest way to make yourself rejection-proof is to diversify your portfolio and work on more ways to monetize your side hustles.

In this article, I’ve discussed six powerful tools to help you do precisely that: diversify your income streams.

Curious? Read on to know more.

1. Octoparse

Octoparse is an all-in-one data scraping tool that collects data from the internet on automation.

How you can use it to make money:

A lot of freelancing gigs require you to scrape, collect, and analyze huge amounts of data. I’ve personally collected tons of articles from different websites to check what elements in the title contribute to making a post “viral.”

Aside from that, data scraping can also be a full-time job for a freelancer. On freelancing sites like Upwork and Freelancer, you can easily find multiple data scraping jobs, like this one:

(Screenshot by the author from Upwork)

Here the client wants to get 250,000+ YouTube comments scraped. If you do this work manually and collect comments one by one, it would take you ages. But with Octoparse, you can do the same work within minutes.

Here’s the process

Step 1: Download Octoparse and enter “YouTube” in the search bar. You’ll see the option: “Comments YouTube video” in the suggestions. Click on it.

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

Step 2: Enter the video URLs from which your client wants the comments collected. Put one URL in each line, and hit “Save & Run.”

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

Step 3: You’ll see two options to run the scrape. Select “Run in the Cloud” for faster extraction.

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

Step 4: You’ll get all the comments scraped in a tabular format in a few minutes. Download it in an excel sheet, send it to your client, and earn money.

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

There are many other ways you can use this tool to scrape data from websites/social platforms without any manual effort.

Imagine how much you can earn by doing such projects with the help of Octoparse. Aside from that, you can also use it to collate valuable data in one place to make your job as a freelancer easier.

Try it today.


Octoparse has a free version that allows you to collect up to 10,000 data rows per export with unlimited pages per scrawl. This is enough for you in the beginning.

You can upgrade to their paid version starting from $75/month, billed annually with a 5-day money-back guarantee as you get more work.

Check the whole pricing structure here.

2. Burb

Burb is an all-in-one tool that helps you grow your online community with automation.

How you can use it to make money:

Hosting a paid community around a coaching program is one of the best ways to make money as a creator.

When you help your members grow, they start treating you as an expert and happily buy the products you create.

But the challenge is, most communities dry up because of lack of interactions. People don’t engage if you don’t encourage them. So you need to actively share content, answer their questions, nurture their growth, etc. As you can imagine, this takes up a lot of time and manual effort.

Fortunately, there’s a tool that automates this time-consuming yet crucial part of growing online communities: Burb.

It integrates with all popular tools like Circle, Slack, Discord, Teachable, Thinkific, ConvertKit, etc. to help you provide one single point of interaction with your audience in all channels.

It also uses some crazy automation that allows you to communicate with your audience at a deeper level, even when you sleep.

You’re able to schedule individual posts or group DMs, automate messaging, trigger invites to add members to different groups, etc.

Burb also gives you a deep insight over how each member is performing, and helps you reward the most active members to further incentivize their behavior.

(Source: Burb)

Simply put, this tool eliminates the need for you to be active in your community 24/7, so you can focus on other business growth activities.

If you’ve been thinking of growing an online community, using Burb can be the best decision.


The free plan allows you to add up to 100 members and create unlimited automation, messages, and post-scheduling.

As your community grows, you can upgrade to their paid plan that starts from $39/month. Check the whole pricing structure here.

3. Candor

Candor enables you to create an authentic profile that helps you share the real “YOU” with the world.

How you can use it to make money:

Your Candor profile is like a digital business card that makes your soft skills visible.

You can upgrade your one-dimensional resume to a more interactive and visual format while pitching to clients and standing out from the crowd.

It’s visually appealing, easily readable, and lets you and your clients immediately understand each other’s working styles and who you are as people.

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

This helps you build strong client relationships faster by making the ‘get to know’ periods a matter of minutes, not months.

With a quick glance over your profile, they can tell your biggest strength, how to give you constructive feedback, and much more. This makes it fun to work together as you find commonalities and bond with the other person beyond work.

(Source: Candor)

You can also gather your client’s reviews within your profile to give it a 360-degree view of how you work best.

It’s simple, easy to use, and doesn’t take much time to build one from scratch.

Click here to create your profile for free.


No cost. Candor is 100% free to join.

4. Robinize

Robinize is a powerful AI tool that does keyword research and competitor analysis to help you create SEO-friendly content faster.

How you can use it to make money

As a content writer, you spend a lot of time researching SEO-worthy keywords that Google would find valuable. This slows down your content creation process and takes up a lot of brain space.

With Robinize, you no longer need to spend hours in research.

Its AI aggregates targeted keywords from Google’s top searches and the “people also ask” section to find the ideal keywords for your business in a matter of seconds.

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

Step 1: Go to the Robinize dashboard. Then enter the phrase you want to rank for, select from 9+ languages, and click on “Generate report.”

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

Step 2: The tool analyzes your top competitors and generates a report with the 50 most important keywords your content should contain.

Step 3: Once you open the report, you’ll land on Robinize’s real-time editor, which helps you write SEO-optimized content.

It’ll show you the content grades for each keyword, readability, and examples of how your competitors have used specific phrases.

(Source: Robinize)

It’ll also give you recommendations for headlines, subheaders, titles, and meta descriptions to save you a ton of time writing SEO-friendly articles.

Using this tool, you can easily pitch your clients for SEO-optimized content or research projects and earn more money faster.


In the free plan, you can generate up to five research reports. If you plan to do more, upgrade to their basic plan starting from $19 / month billed monthly. Check out their pricing here.

5. WordAi

WordAi is a powerful AI tool that rewrites original content to create diverse outputs.

How you can use it to make money

You can use this tool to repurpose old content to publish in new channels without any manual effort of rewriting from scratch.

Its AI is extremely intelligent and interprets the role of each sentence in the article. This allows the tool to produce diverse rewrites by entirely reframing the sentences instead of just replacing them with synonyms.

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

In the above screenshot, you can notice how unique and meaningful the rewrites are. The output retains the original meaning but escapes the plagiarism checker with flying colors.

Using this tool, you don’t have to worry about using already published content in your creations.

I regularly use WordAi to re-use specific sections of my previous articles in the new ones. I also use it to reframe sentences that I feel aren’t creative.

This tool saves a lot of time. When used correctly, it can make you more money by completing clients’ projects faster.

Try it out today.


WordAi offers a three-day free trial where you can test-drive the tool. Once the trial ends, you can get their paid plan starting from $27/month billed annually. Check out the whole pricing structure here.

6. Intellifluence

Intellifluence is an influencer marketing platform where you can find and collaborate with brands in your niche.

How you can use it to make money:

According to a report, the influencer marketing market is expected to grow to $24.1 billion by 2025. This makes it one of the most lucrative channels to make money online.

All you need to do is create an attention-grabbing profile on Intellifluence. Brands will automatically approach you for shoutouts in exchange for free products/money.

And no, you don’t need a huge following to earn as an influencer.

Even if you have less than 1000 followers, you can still find brands who’ll happily collaborate with you.

(Source: Intellifluence)

The platform secures your payment to avoid potential scams. This helps you focus on the work rather than worrying about creating contracts.

They also don’t take any cuts from your price, which means you get to keep 100% of your profits. Isn’t that amazing?

Join them here today.


Intellifluence is free for influencers to join and make money.

Final Words

Summarizing, here are the six excellent tools that help you monetize your side hustles:

  • Octoparse: Scrape data from multiple URLs in a matter of minutes.
  • Burb: Grow your community on automation.
  • Candor: Create the most authentic profile to show the world how you work.
  • Robinize: Do keyword research in seconds.
  • WordAi: Rewrite old content to create an original piece.
  • Intellifluence: Earn money/free products in exchange for sharing your honest product reviews.

I hope you found some fantastic tools to make money on the internet. Which of these tools are you planning to use next? Let me know in the comments.

Author’s note: Some of the links mentioned in this article are sponsored. But I love these tools so much; I would never have shared them with you if I didn’t think they could add amazing value to your life and journey as a content creator.

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