6 Incredibly Powerful Tools To Dominate Social Media for FREE

6 Incredibly Powerful Tools To Dominate Social Media for FREE
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Grow your audience and build your personal brand with the help of these powerful tools.

There was a time when I used to spend hours on Twitter and LinkedIn, trying to hack the algorithm and grow my audience.

There’s no way for me to get back those wasted hours, but if you’re in the same boat, I can help you.

Let technology be your savior and help you up your game so that you can focus on other, more critical aspects of your job and business.

Curious to know how this is possible?

In this post, I have curated six awesome tools that are entirely free to use and can 10x improve your social media game. Excited to learn more? Read on for some fantastic recommendations that will ensure your social media game isn’t the same anymore.

1. QuillBot

What it does: It’s an all-in-one AI writing platform that helps you research, write, and paraphrase high-quality social media posts.

Cost: Free ($4.17 per month on an annual subscription for the premium version to access extra writing modes.)

My Twitter feed was filled with writing tool recommendations a few months back. The tools shared were amazing and unique, but one was getting constant limelight — QuillBot:

I was intrigued by this tool and tried it out. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with its simplicity and ease of use. The paraphraser is extremely powerful and gives you unlimited unique rewrites for free.

I’ve been using it ever since to build out my posting engine on Medium and LinkedIn. The quality of output is fantastic, and it puts an intelligent spin on already-published content while repurposing it for new articles.

But the best part is, QuillBot is more than a paraphraser.

It offers a complete writing suite of six amazing tools that cater to the multiple needs online writers have.

Its Co-Writer gives you a productive space to craft content. It is fully integrated with other tools like grammar checker, summarizer, plagiarism checker, paraphraser, and more. Its grammar checker is especially useful to quickly check if no errors remain before posting on social media.

You can also research keywords and pull competitor data without leaving its Co-Writer. Everything is available from inside the dashboard, which makes it super productive.

I also love its “Suggest Text” feature that predicts your following words using AI. It’s a super helpful feature to beat creativity blocks and finish your content faster.

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

As an online creator, this one tool can save you a lot of time and energy.

Start creating content faster with QuillBot. It’s free.

2. SocialDog

What it does: It’s a powerful Twitter marketing tool that lets you dominate Twitter faster than your competitors.

Cost: Free ($9/month on an annual subscription of Lite+ plan to schedule 30 tweets in a month.)

You must’ve heard the news that Elon Musk acquired Twitter. But do you know this acquisition brought a spike of 20% in Twitter’s daily active users? More people are now flocking to Twitter, and the platform is experiencing its all-time high usage.

If you want to make the most of this Twitter wave, start using SocialDog. It’s loved by over 1 million users worldwide and helps you automate your Twitter growth at a highly affordable cost.

Unlike other tools, SocialDog goes beyond just being a “scheduler.” It has a ton of powerful features that help you get amazing content ideas, connect with like-minded people, and gain engagement:

1. Social Listening

Its advanced search allows you to find what people in your niche are talking about. You can also use its keyword monitor to automatically collects tweets that contain specific keywords.

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

It has 15 advanced filter types that help you create your own customized criteria and pinpoint accounts that lie in your target audience.

2. Follower management

SocialDog lets you find inspiring people to follow and unfollow those who’ve gone inactive.

(Source: Screenshot by the author)

This keeps your feed filled with great and inspirational content.

3. Twitter contests

You might’ve seen many contests on Twitter that ask you to like/follow/RT to enter into a giveaway. If done right, these contests can bring you a lot of new followers and get amazing engagement.

Most creators organize these contests manually, but you don’t have to. With SocialDog’s Twitter contest feature, you can easily spot people who engaged with you the most and select winners. It also lets you analyze the effectiveness of the contests to plan your next ones efficiently.

Try out SocialDog for free.

3. Simplified

What it does: It’s an AI-powered social media marketing tool that allows you to create beautiful images and videos and write copy all in one tool.

Cost: Free ($18/month on the annual subscription of the Small Team plan.)

To conquer social media, you need attention-grabbing visuals and animations that hook your audience. But most tools are too complex to use or don’t give you complete control over your designs.

That’s where Simplified comes in.

It’s a powerful design tool with a huge library of stock photos, animations, fonts, and icons you can pick from. Its drag-and-drop editor is pretty simple and gives you complete design flexibility.

It also has a one-click video editing feature that helps you create professional-looking videos without hiring an editor or losing hours of your life. Using its magic AI, you can even animate images, remove backgrounds, and resize your posts with one click.

It also has a powerful AI image generator. Using its AI, I made a lot of posters for a cybersecurity conference I’m organizing with my team at Infosec Writeups, and I loved how attention-grabbing and professional the images looked. Here’s one example:

(Source: Image by author)

But Simplified doesn’t stop at designs. It has 35+ AI writing templates to help you craft social media captions, bios, video scripts, and more in less than 10 seconds.

You can also integrate all your social platforms with Simplified to schedule posts from within its dashboard. This will save you the hassle of exporting multiple files only to upload them again.

It won’t be wrong to say that Simplified has indeed “simplified” the lives of content creators a lot. You don’t need separate tools for designing, writing, and planning posts. This one tool will do everything for you for free.

Try Simplified for free here.

4. Audyo

What it does: This tool converts your written text into human-like audio in a matter of minutes.

Cost: Free ($12/month for the Pro plan to convert unlimited articles.)

As an online creator, you might have some written pieces published under your name. But do you know presenting the same content in an audio form can increase their impact?

According to stats, audio content shoots up engagement by 110x and increases content consumption by up to 80%.

One reason is that people can now consume your content while walking, driving, or eating without actively looking at their phones. It also helps you grab a different audience segment that prefers to listen rather than read. This means you can experience amazing growth by converting your written pieces into audio.

However, it’s painful and time-consuming to record audio for each article manually.

That’s where Audyo comes in.

It transforms your written pieces into human-like audio, which is delightful to the ears. The audio is available almost instantly and can be shared as a standalone player. You can embed them in your articles to supplement written content and cater to people who prefer audio.

Its immersive visual player is a game-changer. Now your listeners can even see the text, images, and links accompanying the audio.

It also has a fantastic Soundcheck feature that flags words that might be wrong so you can quickly confirm and correct them. Its AI learns from your inputs, so you never have to correct the same word again.

Here’s a quick walk-through of the tool:

Step 1: Open Audyo’s editor and paste the article link.

(Screenshot by the author)

Step 2: In a few minutes, the tool will convert your article into audio, and you can easily share it with the world.

(Screenshot by the author)

Step 3: You can also embed the audio player within the article to give your readers a choice to listen than read.

Just like this:

(Screenshot by the author)

What I love the most about this tool is you can edit a few words from within its block-based editor. Audyo will adjust the voice accordingly without passing on any headaches to you.

I find this feature pretty handy to quickly edit something I don’t feel is right instead of starting the whole conversion process from scratch.

(Screenshot by the author)

You can also view the detailed analytics to find how many minutes your listeners have consumed your content. This will help you track the success of your audio versions and do more of it later.

Start using Audyo for free here. You’ll love it.

5. tweetstreak

What it does: It helps you set your Twitter engagement goals, hit them consistently, and grow your audience.

Cost: 6 cents a day ($24 annually) for the first 100 users (14-day free trial, no credit card required)

As mentioned earlier, Twitter’s daily active users are growing rapidly. There’s never been a better time to build your community on this platform.

Writing killer tweets alone won’t help you grow. It’s only half of the equation. You need the other half to unlock the doors to exponential growth — engaging with others.

According to Twitter, interacting with tweets is as essential as tweeting yourself. And if you have less than 5000 followers, then commenting on other tweets becomes even more important to put yourself out there.

However, replying consistently is hard. You can’t automate engagement, and it’s a difficult habit to build.

That’s where tweetstreak comes in.

It uses gamification to hold you accountable for Twitter reply habits. It will help you set realistic goals for your daily engagement and prompt you to adjust them as you progress.

(Screenshot by the author)

Once you’ve set your targets, the tool will send you daily reminders via Twitter DMs, so you never forget to engage. These small nudges throughout the day help you build a replying habit over time. Your tweetstreak builds up, and your Twitter starts growing at a rapid rate.

I also love their Duolingo-style notifications, streaks, and rewards that make it fun to grow on Twitter.

This tool also keeps track of your daily progress. In the dashboard, you can find three main stats:

1. Score — How consistent you’ve been overall

2. Streak — How many consecutive days you’ve met your goals

3. Growth — Your audience growth since starting your tweetstreak

(Screenshot by the author)

These insights help you see how far you’ve come and how far you can go by efficiently managing your time.

It’ll also give you a boost into taking larger targets and open a positive feedback loop:

The more you engage with others, the faster your audience grows. The more your audience grows, the more pumped you’ll be to engage with others.

Who knows, you create long-term friendships and even long-term business contracts just by engaging with others.

tweetstreak’s idea is extremely simple yet unique.

Get tweetstreak now to conquer Twitter.

6. ContextMinds

What it does: It’s a fantastic content planning and research tool that helps you brainstorm and organize SEO-friendly content.

Cost: Free (Get unlimited private maps and 6000 topic ideas/month in the Pro plan: $19/month.

Get Lifetime access to all the features in the Pro plan for a one-time price: $69)

If you want to grow a blog or a YouTube channel, you need to do thorough keyword research. But most SEO tools out there are too complex to use. They throw so many metrics on you that it’s confusing to track which ones are important.

However, the good news is you no longer have to take care of each one of those metrics. Today, Google’s AI rewards original, engaging content and solves real-life problems. So if you brainstorm, research, plan and organize content that helps your audience, you will win.

That’s precisely what ContextMinds helps you with.

It streamlines your entire content creation process so you can pump out great content faster.

You can do research and organize ideas using its powerful mind-mapping tool. All you need to do is, throw your ideas on its digital whiteboard, and its AI brainstorming partner will give you keyword suggestions in real-time.

(Source: ContextMinds)

It pulls data from Google and similar mind-maps to help you go granular with your research. When you click on a keyword, it’ll show you the SERP results and other essential keyword metrics. You can pin notes to each keyword and organize them in different content buckets.

You can also link a bucket, or even a keyword, with another to see how they follow each other. This will give you a feel of how your final masterpiece would look like.

You have to use it to understand the brilliance.

(Source: AppSumo)

Once you’ve created your content plan, share its link with your team or client, and they can open it without owning an account. You can also export it as an image or pdf to store on your local device.

This helps you get everyone’s feedback on the content strategy before you start drafting content. This way, you take everyone’s vision ahead without wasting time in re-doing content from scratch.

It’s a powerful tool to have in your arsenal as a content creator.

Get lifetime access to ContextMinds today!

Final Words

Summarizing, here are the six free tools to help you dominate social media and grow your audience:

  • QuillBot: Research, write, and paraphrase high-quality social media posts.
  • SocialDog: Dominate Twitter with amazing growth features.
  • Simplified: Design, write and edit attention-grabbing posts.
  • Audyo: Convert your written pieces into audio.
  • tweetstreak: Engage every day on Twitter.
  • ContextMinds: Plan your content faster.

I hope you found some excellent tools to grow your social media faster. Which of them are you going to use first? Let me know in the comments.

Author’s note: Some of the links mentioned in this article are sponsored. But I love these tools so much, I would never have shared them with you if I didn’t think they can add amazing value to your life and journey as a content creator.

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