A Beautiful Lie

Poetry in free verse

A Beautiful Lie
Photo by Max Poschau on Unsplash

Poetry in free verse

I am hard to love,
for I see no stories in the scenes
the constellations paint in the night sky after sundown.
I am hard to love,
for when you hold me,
you wouldn’t know who you are holding,
or why they shiver
when the world outside is burning.

My lips smell like afternoon’s whiskey
and if you kiss me,
you’ll taste yesterday’s defeat.
Look into my eyes,
and you’ll see stories with episodes too long
and emotions too fragile
to caress with broken hands.

The moon shines with the light of the sun,
and the sun is but a star —
too close to inspire my imagination.
Those stars up there
reach out to us like ghosts of past lovers
trying to outstretch their hands
till they touch the future.

And I am just someone who used to be a poem,
how can I be your future?

The cries of a bird sound beautiful when it’s sunny,
but go unnoticed at night when the world is sleeping.
The tears of blood and hunger look good in photographs,
but you would turn your heads away if you could help.

I am hard to love,
for I know not how to sugar-coat my words.

I am hard to love,
for I am the truth,
and who doesn’t love a beautiful lie?

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