[Announcement] Introducing the Books Are Our Superpower Book Club

Say Hello to the coolest place for book lovers on the internet!

[Announcement] Introducing the Books Are Our Superpower Book Club
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[Announcement] Introducing the Books Are Our Superpower Book Club

Say Hello to the coolest place for book lovers on the internet!

Dear readers and writers of Books Are Our Superpower,

What started as a small project in July 2020 has created magic. In less than one year, our awesome community has grown to:

  • 600+ writers
  • 8500+ readers
  • A diverse community of book lovers.

As a thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown us, we are taking BAOS to the next level!

The editorial team is happy to announce the exclusive Books Are Our Supwepower Book Club.

What is the BAOS Book Club?

We read about books on Medium, but not everyone is a writer to share their stories about how the books impacted them. Many people tend to be “silent readers” — having several opinions but being unable to share them.

Even if you read amazing articles, the possibility to rant your heart out is always limited. Bound by the rules of Medium and the need to support every claim with research, the writers often aren’t able to share many personal insights in their articles.

What if we changed all that?

That’s where the Books Are Our Supwepower Book Club comes in. Starting June 15, the BAOS book club promises to be your favorite place on the internet to:

  • Nerd out about the books you love.
  • Read detailed, personalized stories and insights from books spanning several genres like fiction, psychology, history, world literature, creativity, and award-winning books.
  • Take part in exclusive author interviews.
  • Read new books before they’re published.
  • Meet new friends who are just as crazy about books as you.
  • … and more.

If you’re a true book lover, the BAOS book club is tailor-made for you. Read on to know how.

What Will I Get as a BAOS Book Club Member?

If you join the BAOS book club, here’s what you’ll get:

  • 14 articles each month from 7 writers across the world. These are detailed essays, summaries, and insightful book discussions on genres ranging from fiction, psychology, history, world literature, creativity, and award-winning books.
  • 1 virtual book club meet-up on Zoom each month where you get to meet the community and the team of writers.
  • In-depth, personalized, & detailed discussions.
  • A community to bond over books, start insightful discussions and share your opinions with the world.
  • ….and more.

Why should I join the BAOS Book Club?

You might think this is interesting, but wondering why exactly you should join.

Here are some reasons why the BAOS book club is soon going to be the coolest place to hang out on the internet:

  • Read thought-provoking articles unlike anything elsewhere on the internet.
  • Take part in text and video discussions with readers and writers straight from the heart.
  • Find personal insights enough to spark intellectual conversations.
  • Learn about all the cool new books releasing and everything interesting happening in the world of books.
  • Be part of a community to share the most interesting insights from amazing books you might never have the time to read on your own.
  • ….and more.

What’s the Membership Fee?

For $5 a month, you get all perks, plus some more fun stuff, including:

  • 14 unique articles from 7 writers across the globe.
  • Details about upcoming books + news on everything HOT happening in the world of books.
  • Monthly Zoom call with the community members and writers.
  • A chance to interact with your favorite authors.
  • Read future bestsellers before they’re published spanning several genres and by writers from different countries.
  • Cool contests and giveaways that will give you a chance to win exclusive BAOS merch.
  • … and more.

Can I Join For Free?

Yes, of course, you can. In the free plan, you’ll get:

  • 4 articles each month on psychology, world literature, creativity, and YA fiction.
  • Access to the community and a chance to have meaningful conversations over books unlike any other place on the internet.

Meet Our Team of Writers

Ashley Broadwater who’ll join us to write about young adult fiction (her favorite genre). Her articles will center around upcoming books, books with movie/TV adaptations, and overall takeaways.

Vipula Gupta, a self-proclaimed “classics nerd”, will be sharing her expertise in classics. She will help us broaden our reading horizon by sharing lesser-known gems of world literature and books from non-English-speaking countries.

Akshad Singi is taking a detour from his unique self-improvement pieces and is only reading award-winning books for us. His articles will be a mixture of summaries, the most interesting takeaways, and some thought-provoking discussions related to the what he discovers.

Aaron Nichols will be writing about human psychology and how it intersects with history. You can expect insights from books like Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert, The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk, and lots of biographies as well.

Violet Daniels will be sharing her love for contemporary fiction with us. These won’t be quick-fire recommendation pieces but will be conversational and go in-depth into topics that will force you to think and engage.

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi will be writing about the lessons she learned from books on creativity. In her own words: “I’ll add more real-life experiences, vulnerabilities, and sprinkle them with some stardust from the universe of spirituality. I hope they can be pleasant reads for you that make you smile ear to ear and make you go ‘aha!’ as you sip your coffee, and leave you with some simple but effective takeaways to use.”

And finally, I, Anangsha Alammyan, will be writing mostly about fantasy fiction, but with a perspective that doesn’t restrict itself to simple book recommendations. For example, my first piece will be about how reading fantasy made me question the existence of God. You can expect the intersection of philosophy with fantasy, coupled with some amazing stories to keep you spellbound.

We’ll also be having guest posts discussing book summaries and sharing the most important lessons and takeaways from bestselling books all over the world.

Final Words

The Books Are Our Supwepower Book Club is something our team of writers and editors have built with a lot of love. We are so happy and excited to welcome you in and invite you to be a part of this dynamic community.

We hope you’ll show the book club as much love and support as you did when we started the publication on Medium.

Here’s the link to sign up.