Announcing A Paid Book Review Opportunity

Plus some more cool perks of the BAOS Book Club

Announcing A Paid Book Review Opportunity
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Plus some more cool perks of the BAOS Book Club

Hello readers!

In case you missed it, we launched the Books Are Our Superpower Book Club on July 1st, 2021.

Currently, it has a paid newsletter where you can read thought-provoking and insightful pieces about books spanning several genres written by writers from all over the world.

Our member-only perks include

  • Access to a community of book lovers all over the world. Have stimulating conversations and forge friendships with people who love reading as much as you.
  • 14 unique articles from 7 writers across the globe.
  • Details about upcoming books + news on everything HOT happening in the world of books.
  • Monthly Zoom call with the community members and writers.
  • A chance to interact with your favorite authors.
  • Read future bestsellers before they’re published spanning several genres and by writers from different countries.
  • Cool contests and giveaways that will give you a chance to win exclusive BAOS merch.
  • … and more.

Become a member of the BAOS Book Club here.

And now, we’re announcing a paid book reviewing opportunity

Would you like to do paid book reviews for new and yet-unreleased books of the genres you’re familiar with? Here’s an exciting new opportunity!

Fill this form if you’re interested-

Apply for the paid book reviewing opportunity.

Don’t forget to share this with your book reviewer friends.

The Highest Performing Stories This Week of BAOS — Medium

If you’re wondering what articles to read on Medium next, here are some of our latest stories that have been going quite viral:

That’s all from our end this week.

What’s an exciting book you picked up recently that’s turning out to be unexpectedly good?

I recently read the lovely Anxious People by Fredrick Bachman and loved it so much. The way the author portrays human relationships and emotions is just out of this world.

Let me know your “unexpected favorite” book in the comments. I’d love to have some new book recommendations.

I’ll see you again soon. Until then, keep reading, keep writing, and stay awesome.


Creator, Books Are Our Superpower.