Announcing Phase 2 of Books Are Our Superpower

Join us on this journey as we expand beyond Medium and strive to deliver even more value to our readers and writers.

Announcing Phase 2 of Books Are Our Superpower
New publication logo. Credits: Adam G.


Announcing Phase 2 of Books Are Our Superpower

Join us on this journey as we expand beyond Medium and strive to deliver even more value to our readers and writers.

Hello writers and readers

Say hello to our shiny new logo designed by the super talented Adam G. We are happy to share this as part of our attempt at rebranding and establishing our feet firmly on the virtual ground.

At Books Are Our Superpower, our goal has always been to build a community of book lovers who can’t stop discussing the books they love.

We started on Medium in June 2020 and since then, have built a platform of almost 7000 readers and a team of 200+ writers. Many writers have messaged us sharing their story on BAOS was the highest-earning piece of their career and many readers have shared enthusiastic stories of how they met their new favorite books on our platform.

And today, as we take this leap into the second phase of our journey, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve found more and better ways of delivering value to our community.


Our Quora Space has 500,000+ followers with 5 million+ views. We share our love for books in the form of questions, answers, and posts. We also share the best of our articles from Medium on Quora to give our writers added exposure.

Follow us on Quora here.


On Twitter, we share all our recently released pieces so our writers get maximum support and our readers can find new books and articles to read.

Join us on Twitter here: Books Are Our Superpower


Instagram is all about turning our most popular and widely-read articles into graphics. It’s still in an experimental stage and we are working on new ways we can engage more readers and writers.

Give our newly-launched Instagram page a follow: BAOS | Instagram


This is my favorite part about the BAOS community. Our Discord server is always buzzing with activity — with people gushing over how much they love the book they’re currently reading and hyping up their favorite books.

The best thing is the #buddy-reading channel where a few of us readers gather and pick a book to read together. Dissing hateful characters, swooning over the protagonists, and making outrageous guesses as to what will happen next is so addictive, you’d want to never stop reading.

Join our community on Discord with 150+ active members: Join the Books Are Our Superpower Discord Server!

What Does It Mean For the Medium Publication

Ruchi and I will keep running the Books Are Our Superpower Medium publication with equal gusto and dedication. We will continue seeking out great writers and support our existing writers in whatever way we can.

The only thing we ask from you is that please go through our Submission Guidelines and Style Guide before submitting an article. It saves time and effort on both the writer’s and editor’s ends.

The added platforms are just ways to expand our digital footprint. We’d be immensely grateful if you could check the other platforms out, engage with our posts a bit, and invite your reader or writer friends to join.

That’s all for today, folks.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. How do you like the new logo? What are your thoughts on all these different platforms?

We would appreciate any feedback.

Editors, Books Are Our Superpower