Another Week Done. Even More Amazing Books to Read.

All the cool stuff going on this week at Books Are Our Superpower + 2 new announcements!

Another Week Done. Even More Amazing Books to Read.
Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash

All the cool stuff going on this week at Books Are Our Superpower + 2 new announcements!

Hello lovely readers

Hope things are going well with you. Welcome to another edition of The Book Times, the Sunday newsletter by Books Are Our Superpower.

This week, we had some crazy good articles (more on them in the next section).

We are also drawing close to the launch of the Books Are Our Superpower Book Club I put together a group of six exceptionally talented writers to launch this super cool book club.

It took me a LOT of courage to take such a big step. I’d be super grateful if you could join in and make this venture a huge success.❤️

If you missed the announcement, you can check the details here.

In a nutshell, here’s what you’ll get as a member of the BAOS book club:

  • 14 articles each month from 7 writers across the world. These are detailed essays, summaries, and insightful book discussions on genres ranging from fiction, psychology, history, world literature, creativity, and award-winning books.
  • 1 virtual book club meet-up on Zoom each month where you get to meet the community and the team of writers.
  • In-depth, personalized, & detailed discussions.
  • A community to bond over books, start insightful discussions and share your opinions with the world.
  • ….and more.

There will be more perks like being part of some exclusive author interviews, access to new and unpublished books before they hit the bookstores, super cool BAOS merch, etc.

We’re just getting started, and would love for you to be a part of this amazing journey with us.

Special Mentions

Every week I pick three stories that especially touched me. For this week, here are the ones that left the most impact (call them editor’s pick, if you will):

5 Taboo-Tackling Books by South Asian Women by Brina Patel

Since the days of snoozing in a crib, books have played a central role in my life. My mother, in her soft-spoken voice, would read a story to me each night before bed. Once I could read independently, I quickly found solace in the shelves of my local library. Whether I was reading a Nancy Drew mystery or about the Egyptian pyramids, I craved the escape that reading gave me. Read more.

What Your Bookshelf Tells About Your Personality by Talking Nina

A look into someone’s bookshelf can tell quite a bit about his or her personality.

  • Is he/she an introvert?
  • Does the person have a lot of friends?
  • What job does he/she prefer?
  • Which ice cream would the person buy in a shop? Read more.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover: 3 Keys to Help You Pick a Book Worth Your Buck by Boateng Sekyere

Since the invention of the printing press in 1440, about 134 million books have rolled off the presses. And that data covers only up to half of 2016. Read more.

Our highest performers of the week

  1. 5 Non-Fiction Books That *Actually* Changed the Way I Think and Live by Margaret Pan
  2. If You Only Read Two Books on Writing, Read These by Eva Keiffenheim
  3. The Best Biographies I’ve Read in Recent Years by Michael Saccol

Pub Crawl Announcement

Some cool editors of a few awesome publications on Medium decided to do a “pub crawl,” which basically works with the editors picking a topic and writing a story on their respective publications that relate to the topic. There are no strict rules, and since this is a new experiment, we will “wing it” as we go.

How it works (taken from the newsletter by Eric Pierce)

  • Each month, the participating pubs will choose a broad topic that applies to each of our pubs.
  • Everyone that wants to participate can send in a story on that topic and with the same tag, following that pub’s typical guidelines.
  • Writers are encouraged to link directly to other stories in the crawl that inspires them or they find interesting.
  • The crawl runs within a set period, probably a month.

This month’s topic is Something That Seemed Awful But Turned Out Great. Each of the participating editors will publish a related story. Since this is still mostly just a proof of concept, we aren’t opening the initial Pub Crawl to submissions. Assuming this works as well as we hope it does, we’ll announce the next topic and submission dates for all our wonderful writers — that’s you guys!

We’re excited to try this experiment and hope this results in everyone growing their readership. If you have questions, reach out to your editor. :)

Participating Pubs & Editors

If you are a publication owner and are interested in joining our group of super-friends, contact one of the people listed above.

That’s all from my end today. I’ll see you again next Sunday.

Until then, keep reading, keep writing, and keep being awesome.