Being an Introvert Could Be Your Secret Superpower

People may consider introversion as a weakness, but what if you leveraged the power of being an introvert?

Being an Introvert Could Be Your Secret Superpower
Anangsha Alammyan on Instagram

People may consider introversion as a weakness, but what if you leveraged the power of being an introvert?

I’ve always been an introvert.

I never liked attending parties or college fests. Even if I did, you’d find me sitting in a corner, away from the crowd, either observing everything that’s going on, or deep in conversation with a few close friends.

Big crowds get me so exhausted, it takes me at least a week to recharge myself.

My friends sometimes try to get me to join the “fun”. But to be honest, I never understood the appeal of mindlessly dancing to loud music, or making small talk in big crowds.

If you’re an introvert, you might relate to my story. Soemtimes, the need for space also makes us feel we’re missing out on a lot of fun and meeting great people.

Now though, I’ve realized that being an introvert is actually my superpower which I’d been unknowingly utilizing to my benefit since childhood.

In this article, I’ve shared four ways your introversion can become your superpower. If you’re an introvert, you’d definitely relate. And if you’re an extrovert, read on for a unique perspective.

1. You Get More Free Time

Being an introvert, you must have experienced a lot of free time where you don’t know what to do. And more often than not, you don’t feel lonely and bored.

You know trying to fit in your friends and forcing yourself to go out with them only fills your head with useless gossip, parties, music, etc. These take away the limited energy and mind space you have, creating a tradeoff between loneliness and productivity.

After all, filling up your time with useless stuff will not let you think. And how can you evolve and be productive without thinking?

The only thing you need here is a shift in mindset. A mindset to convert your lonely time into productive time.

I use my free time to plan out most of my articles, shoot YouTube videos, create social media content, plan my future books and other amazing projects which were wandering in my head in the form of raw ideas. There is no one to disturb me with unwanted ventures like going to eat or party, and this helps me do deep work in large chunks of time periods.

As an introvert, you can use your free time to think, ideate, and make plans for your future. Read more and watch productive courses, and with time you will become a skilled person and earn as much as you desire.

2. You Face Less BS

More people means more drama, wouldn’t you agree?

Most of the time what people talk about is pure BS, because everyone is in the race to win your attention, and the biggest attention-grabbing weapon is the sensational or controversial news about other people.

Having this type of conversation will either make you feel burnt out or start worrying about things that don’t matter.

Extroverts go through this problem all the time, because they’ve to become friends with people, and for everyone to like them, they have to participate in such discussions which end up taking their limited focus which they otherwise would have put in some productive work. They might enjoy the social interaction, but where do you draw the line between meaningful work and mindless networking?

This is the biggest advantage introverts have. You like to deal with fewer people, which lets you face less BS.

Having no drama in your life is the strongest flex.

You can focus on growth and personal development, rather than worrying about what someone’s roommate’s sister thinks of the red hoodie you wore on the Tuesday before Christmas last year.

3. You Can Be You — No Filters Attached

As you only interact with the people who add value to your life, there’s no burden on you to please everybody or to hide your true self.

You can be YOU without any filters.

That’s a rare privilege extroverts probably can’t imagine. They have to be amiable so that other people can like them, which makes them wear a mask of different personalities almost all the time.

While you stay the way you are, you only attract people who resonate with your identity, your behavior, and your interest. Hence even the quality of your friendships and networks is very pure and strong.

4. You Love Yourself More

Your relationship with your self is the first relationship you have, and as you spend most of the time alone, you start valuing that relationship.

You care for yourself and do what’s best for you without compromising. What other people think of you doesn’t matter when you are not letting them affect your peace of mind.

When you learn to love yourself, you’ll have a better life as you won’t settle for anything less. You’ll prioritize yourself, and work hard to make good things come to you.

You know there’s no other option that can make you happier than a life where things go according to — or better than — what you planned.

Final Words

Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean you’re missing out on stuff. The things you think you’re missing out on are mostly BS. You get the luxury of quality alone time away from people who drain your energy. You can focus on working, building bigger goals, and designing the life you want.

Maybe this is the reason why most mega-successful entrepreneurs are introverts?

As an introvert, you can work on your goals, have a clear mind to think of better ideas and form meaningful connections with people who resonate with your thinking. You can also love yourself more so you don’t procrastinate on your goals.

My introversion is my mantra for success. And, if you identify as an introvert, you can also turn it into a superpower. So the next time someone says you should socialize more, maybe share this article with them.

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