Falling Out of Love

Poetry in free verse

Falling Out of Love
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Poetry in free verse

There was a time when I loved you
and a future that I couldn’t share with you
wasn’t a future worth living for.

There was a time when the curve of your smile
could set straight all my troubles in a wink
and the melody of your voice would be the balm
to the pains of my aching heart.

Where have those days gone now, I wonder
for of that love that used to set my heart aflutter
nothing remains, save a bitter taste.

Months passed, times changed.
Your love for me has remained the same.

But can I say the same about mine for you?

I’m the same person, as are you,
why then, do I feel this sudden suffocation
in these ties that bind
me to you, supposedly forever?

You pass me a smile — one I don’t return.
Your sight no longer stirs a storm in my heart.

There was a time when love bound us,
why then are we now trying to bind our love?

I’d heard people say falling in love is easy,
True that is, no doubt.
But isn’t falling out of love just as easy too?
Isn’t staying in love the toughest of them all?

I know not what I can say to you,
that would justify
the “why”s and “how”s of my decision
I know not what words will suffice — 
or if any ever will.

Is it even possible to fill the void left by a relationship
as happy as ours with mere words?

If you ask me for an explanation, honey,
I would be tongue-tied
for I have nothing to say,
no one to blame.
I know not which words will cushion
the impact,
make it easier for you,
maybe make you hate me enough to move on,
live again, love again?

I know not how to voice my feelings — 
it seems as if there is no way I could.

It’s just that I do love you
but no,
I cannot stay in love with you anymore.

We’d made our promises,
believed we were destined to be
but you know, even love has an expiry date.

And I guess our forever has ended.
I’m sorry darling, but our forever has ended.


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