Freelancers And Side Hustlers Are Changing The Future of Work

How working on your terms is now the “new normal.”

Freelancers And Side Hustlers Are Changing The Future of Work
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How working on your terms is now the “new normal.”

Yesterday, I went to work from a cafe with my friend, Vidya.

Sitting in an aesthetic location surrounded by strangers engrossed in their work was a different experience. Usually, I sit all day at my desk with my eyes glued to the computer screen.

In the cafe, Vidya and I had so many enriching conversations.

Later, we discussed the possibility of inviting other friends to join our co-working sessions. It sounded like too much networking, but we figured it could be an authentic way to welcome more intellectually stimulating conversations into our life.

We could work for a few hours, have food together, and exchange ideas that help us move ahead in life.

This made me think about how the modern workspace has evolved with more and more companies adopting the hybrid work model.

People have more freedom and flexibility to choose who they spend time with while working.

Earlier, our social circle was limited to our office mates. But with this changing definition of an “office,” freelancers, solopreneurs, and employees with the freedom to work from home can choose who they spend their time with while working.

Some other perks of this are:

  • You get to explore a new cafe every few days.
  • You expand your network.
  • You no longer have to deal with petty office politics.
  • Work breaks are filled with fantastic food options.
  • Your conversations center around career and not backbiting fellow workers.
  • Your circle is flexible, and you can always choose not to hang out with anyone who makes you uncomfortable.

When our surroundings are so inspiring, the immense positive impact on work is inevitable.

I’m so excited to see how this new work plan goes. Feel free to steal this template and apply it to your friend circle the next time you need a change of scenery while working.

How do you think the future of work will change as time passes? Do share your perspective in the comments.

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