From Slack to Discord — InfoSec Community has a new home

Hello members of the InfoSec Community!

From Slack to Discord — InfoSec Community has a new home
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Hello members of the InfoSec Community!

I trust most of you are already members of the largest InfoSec-related group-chat thread on Slack, started by our founder Sai Krishna Kothapalli (in case you aren’t, here is the invite link).

But stop — don’t go ahead and join it as yet. As it turns out, our 950+ members shared so many links to cool hacking-related stuff and engaged in so one-on-ones, that we exhausted Slack’s storage limit. All new messages in the group kept getting archived within a few hours because we are unable to clear the previous cache.

To get around this, we reached out to the Slack team and asked them to delete the previous messages so we could continue with our never-ending (and extremely enlightening, I must say) discussions, but we were informed that to keep our group up and running, we needed to start paying them per active member. Which is, a lot.

Since our initiative doesn’t have any source of income as yet, we felt this amount was rather hefty.

So our tenacious founder Sai Krishna Kothapalli and the humble undersigned set on a quest to search for alternative messaging services that allowed large groups to communicate and stay in touch with each other.

We were fascinated by and confused between two options — Gitter or Discord. An open poll on the Slack group tilted the scales heavily in favour of Discord, and so, here we are!

This is the invite link to our brand new InfoSec Community group. Both the UI and the Android app of Discord are very intuitive and most importantly, FREE! So we can share as many links as we wish to, and personally message whomsoever we feel like — the storage limit is something that no longer needs to be worried about.

As a signing off note, let me risk sounding cliched and say — we look forward to having you over on Discord, and for several more hours of round-the-clock hacking and infosec-related discussions.

See you at our new address,