How I spent my 27th birthday

A comedy of errors, a small get-together, and lots of love from readers and reviewers

How I spent my 27th birthday

A comedy of errors, a small get-together, and lots of love from readers and reviewers

My last birthday was yesterday, October 14th 2019.

Sadly, I was unwell. I plodded through the day, finished my 10 AM class, even managed to catch a few hours of sleep after lunch. In the evening, a few neighbours came over with a cake and some food, and we spent some quality time together.

The highlight of the evening was a call from an unknown number saying I have a package. I didn’t know what to expect, and when I went downstairs to collect it, I was surprised to see a man holding a box that surely looked like a cake and a bunch of red roses.

I thanked the man and carried the gifts upstairs. When I opened the cake, I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh or cry. Written in bold, chocolaty letters, was this-

Happy birthday, my dear hubby.

I know, right?

A friend had called me up in the morning saying he was about to order something for me, so I dropped him a message asking if it was him. He said yes, and when I showed him this picture, he rolled his eyes and said the bakery must have messed up.

It was a comedy of errors, but hey, at least the cake was delicious.

The bunch of roses was nice though-

I feel bad for the couple who must be anticipating a romantic dinner and will, instead, be greeted with a cake that said, “Happy birthday Anangsha”.

On a professional note, this was probably the best birthday ever.

Sukanya Gogoi, a well-known book-reviewer from Delhi wrote a badass review of my book “What did Tashi do?”. She’s an unbiased, opinionated, brilliant reviewer and her views matter to me. To be honest, the positive review made me more relieved than delighted. Here’s what she had to say-

I finished the book the very moment I got my hands on it, in a single sitting.
I think that justifies how gripping the book is. I must appreciate the skilled construction of the storyline and the characters.

With this, What did Tashi do? now has 100 ratings on Goodreads. This indeed is a huge milestone for me and I’m honoured I could achieve this on my birthday.

Nayanika (@pretty_little_bibliophile) featured “What did Tashi do?” in her first YouTube video. She said she loved reading the eBook and was excited to re-read the paperback (it was a signed copy!)

My newest novella “What happened to our forever?” received a new FIVE STARS review on Amazon. This makes the 15th review for the book baby, a little over a month after its release. The reviewer gave it FIVE STARS and said-

With just two characters in the story, it is gripping and an absolute page-turner.
Finished it one go.
Great writing

Someone on Twitter had asked for poetry book recommendations. On that Tweet, a random stranger suggested my first book “Stolen Reflections”.

I’ve had better birthdays, yes, but work-wise, this day will go down in memory as a special one because all three of my books received so much appreciation from readers.

If you’re reading this, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my work and being here with me.

I am what I am because of the love you show.

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