How I Wrote 30 Articles Each Month Alongside A Day Job

Writing every day is all about working on small daily habits.

How I Wrote 30 Articles Each Month Alongside A Day Job
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Back in 2020 when I was writing alongside my day job, I wrote 30 articles a month for three straight months on Medium.

The result?

In my first month, I made $177, followed by $250, and $480.

These aren’t anywhere close to life-changing amounts.

But they helped me build a portfolio, which has now translated to —

  • $70k+ freelance writing income in two years from amazing global clients.
  • 130k+ followers on Medium, making me the highest-followed Indian writer on this platform.
  • A personal brand that lets me charge upwards of $2500 for each sponsored article.

So many amazing changes, and all it took was writing 30 articles every day for three months.

You can do the same. Writing every day is not as difficult as you think. Let me show you how.👇

1. Define your non-negotiables

You only have 24 hours each day.

Decide what you must focus on, or your time will slip by.

Here’s how you can do it —

List three must-do activities every day. These should be absolute non-negotiables, no matter how tired or overworked you are.

For me, the three daily non-negotiables were:

  • Write 10 ideas
  • Pick one idea, outline the content, and prepare a structure for the article
  • Prepare the first draft

Depending on your lifestyle and priorities, you can pick your non-negotiables. I’ve known writers who achieved massive success by writing five articles over the weekend and publishing them throughout the week.

Once you have your non-negotiables demarcated, focus attention on them.

Your insecurities might tell you that this writing is never going to lead you anywhere. Tell that voice in your head to shut up.

2. Time block your day

Set aside two hours every day to focus on the non-negotiables.

Write every day, at the same time, in the same environment.

This trains your brain to enter the writing zone when your time block starts. It helps you write faster, without distractions.

3. Have accountability partners

Writing is a lonely journey. Having friends pursuing a similar dream will make the process feel less isolating.

Befriend people with similar goals.

They’ll hold you accountable and motivate you to write daily.

Plus, the journey will be more fun together than walking alone. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Follow fellow writers on Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Engage with their content to increase familiarity
  • DM them with a compliment and start a conversation

The more outreach you do, the bigger your writing network would become.

Collect a few writer friends and create an accountability group.

Every day, you can share your article for feedback and help your fellow writers edit their articles. This way, you can help each other grow and build a nurturing community that pushes every member toward their goal.

4. Reward your hard work

Find what you enjoy the most, so you can gift it to yourself after completing the most important tasks of the day.

I love reading, so picking the reward was easy for me.

Every article earned me 30 minutes of my favorite book before sleeping.

That’s how I read 24 books by my favorite author in ten months with zero guilt.

You can do the same.

Final words

When you’re starting your writing journey, finding your first successes can be difficult. That’s why, you need to stick on, have some faith in yourself, and trust the process.

Summarizing, here’s how you can write 30 articles in 30 days —

  1. Make writing every day a non-negotiable
  2. Time block your day to accommodate at least two hours of writing
  3. Have accountability partners to provide feedback and push you toward your goal
  4. Reward your hard work with something you truly enjoy.
“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.” — Ray Bradbury, WD

In a few days, I’m sharing something exciting that will help you build extra writing side income while working at your job.


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