How Much $$$$ Did My Most Viewed Medium Article Make

Income reveal and breakdown of my most successful Medium article.

How Much $$$$ Did My Most Viewed Medium Article Make
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I’ve had so many questions from writers all over the world asking if Medium is still a viable platform to make money as a writer.

In all honesty, yes.

With the freedom to write what you want, Medium is one of the best platforms in 2023 for writers to monetize their passion.

In this post, I’m disclosing the earnings from my most-viewed story.

Before we start, if you’d like to watch this income reveal in a more candid video, here’s a link 

Earnings from My Highest Viewed Article

In April 2023, my stories on Medium had 62,600 views and 12,951 reads.

To see how this translates into earnings, let’s take a look at my highest-viewed story, which has had 228,000 views, 54,000 reads, and 2,000+ claps.

This story is published in my own publication, Books Are Our Superpower.

The article is about book recommendations, with a simple structure consisting of an introduction followed by the books that have rewired my brain, along with a picture and some quotes from those books. It took me about two hours to write this story.

Earnings Reveal

My highest-viewed story on Medium has made $5,951 USD, which translates to INR 4.86 lakhs. This is insane, considering all of it is from just one article that took two hours to write.

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This shows the power of online writing in 2023.

The internet has empowered writers to pursue the life they want by writing about their passions.

For me, Medium is the best place to be.

Earnings breakdown

  • The story was published on November 12, 2022, and made the most money in the initial 40 days.
  • After that, the stats fell. It still continues to make some money, even though it’s been five months since the story was published.
  • The member reading time for this article is 1,272 hours.
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Eligibility for the Medium Partner Program

It’s important to note that not everyone can make money from the Medium Partner Program. The program is currently open to people from only 33 countries in the world. Unfortunately, writers from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are not eligible to earn money from the program.

Screenshot by the author from the official MPP FAQ.

If you live in one of the 33 eligible countries, Medium is a great place to make money by writing about what you love.

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