How Much Money I Made On Medium In The Past 1 Year

Income reveal and tips on how you can achieve similar results.

How Much Money I Made On Medium In The Past 1 Year
Image by the author.

Income reveal and tips on how you can achieve similar results.

I’ve been asked multiple times if Medium is a stable income source for writers. 

Today, I’m going to answer that once and for all.

There are so many creators who make “Medium income reveal” videos. But most of these videos only focus on a certain time period, like how much money one article made, or how much they made in one month. 

This doesn’t answer the questions writers have, like, 

  • Is Medium a sustainable income source for writers? 
  • Can a writer look at Medium as a long-term income source that can support their lifestyle? 

In this article, I’m going to address exactly these questions.

Before we begin, here’s a quick back story: I’ve been writing on Medium since 2020. It’s going to be 4 years soon, and in this article, I’ll share how much money I made on Medium in the last one year. I’ll also be sharing a few strategies that I have used that you can apply in your Medium journey. 

If you’d like to watch a more candid tutorial in video format, here’s a link — 

Part one: Income reveal

This is what my Medium Partner Program earnings page for the past year looks like — 

Screenshot provided by the author.

As you can see, I’ve been making consistently more than $1,000 for the past year on Medium. Living in a country like India, the exchange rate makes sure I can eke out a comfortable living with this money. 

I know I’m extremely lucky to be living in a time where I can write about whatever I want. I’m grateful a platform like Medium exists that pays me such generous amounts every month. 

Part two: How you can do the same

As promised, let’s talk about some strategies that I’ve used over the past 4 years that helped me reach where I am today. Feel free to reverse engineer my success and apply these tips to your own journey.

1. Publish a lot

I’ve been super consistent on Medium since 2020. 

Even now, after being active for 4 years on the platform, I still publish 12 to 15 articles every month. I believe consistency is an underrated skill that you, as a writer, can develop.

2. Target publications

I rarely ever self-publish my articles. 

If you go through my profile, you’ll see most of my recent articles are published in various publications.

Publications, in general, are a powerful tool on Medium. If you want to know how you can pick the right publication for your story, I’ve already made a video covering all the details. You can check it out here.

3. Adapt to the ever-changing algorithm

In 2020, I used to write about different topics like productivity, self-improvement, journaling, etc.

But now, most of my stories are about book recommendations or personal stories about lessons I learned through various experiences I’ve had. 

As a person, I kept evolving, and the topics that I write about have also kept changing. I think this is one of the most important tricks not just to succeed on Medium but to succeed as a writer. 

You need to be adaptable to change. 

You need to be flexible. 

You cannot just pick a niche and say that this is going to be my forever niche. You’ve to grow and evolve as the platform you write on grows and evolves. And that, my friend, is the secret to success.

Final words: The secret sauce to succeeding on Medium

Succeeding on Medium didn’t happen to me by chance. 

I spent hours studying highly-paid writers on the platform and understanding the techniques they use to remain at the top.

Summing up, here are the three tips to keep in mind if you want to become one of Medium’s highest-paid writers:

  1. Write good quality articles and be consistent
  2. Target publications that cater to your niche
  3. Understand how the algortihm works and keep tweaking your work so you stay relevant.

I’ve made multiple videos about how you can succeed on Medium. I have linked that playlist here.

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