Hurricane Filled With Madness

Poetry in free verse

Hurricane Filled With Madness
Photo by Shashank Sahay on Unsplash

Poetry in free verse

The world isn’t how I thought it would be — 
not how my mother made me believe as a child
when I was sitting on the veranda
letting the winter sunlight drench me,
and she was just beside, oiling my hair,
weaving her dreams into my braids.

I have learned reality is different
from those rosy childhood conversations.
The happiest things hurt the most
and running away from bad things
only lead us to something much worse.
The good memories that wash over me
are reminders that I wasn’t the villain — 
at least, not all the time.

And that just because it wasn’t forever
doesn’t mean it wasn’t love.

The people whom I trust
will leave when I need them the most.
And the ones I never saw coming
will pick me up from my darkest depths.
There will be someone who will love me selflessly
and another who will hate me for no reason
and try as I might, nothing I do will change
how they feel about me.

The world is a hurricane filled with madness
and there’s change wherever I go.

There’s a comfort in the lessons I’m learning
and there’s pain with every page I’m turning.

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