I Asked My Client For A 10X Raise

And what it taught me about negotiation as a freelancer.

I Asked My Client For A 10X Raise
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And what it taught me about negotiation as a freelancer.

I write blog posts for a client who gives me tons of interesting work.

But the money is so less, that it feels like a dead-end.

I end up exhausted every day, with no time left for pursuing any other side hustles or even enjoying my hobbies.

I didn’t want to quit the gig because of the amazing networking opportunities it brought. But I didn’t want to keep working at this pace for such a small amount.

And so, I asked for 10x the amount he paid me.

It was terrifying. My heart was thumping in my chest.

I didn’t want him to think I was greedy.

I didn’t want him to fire me for asking too much.

Every instinct in my body told me to let it go and settle for less, but I knew it was important for the client to know that the pace was not sustainable.

The client didn’t give me 10x more money as he was on a tight budget. But guess what happened?

He made my current work 1/10th of what I was doing.

This gave me time to build other income streams and enjoy my free time.

Sure, it wasn’t the win I wanted, but it cleared up other avenues for me. And the best of all, the work wouldn’t be so would sucking and I’d have time to do what I like aside from writing and research.

Negotiations with clients are hard, especially when you feel like you deserve more money than what you’re given. But they’re also an ESSENTIAL part of being a freelance writer.

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