I Still Bleed

Poetry in free verse

I Still Bleed

Poetry in free verse

In another life,

you would turn to face me at night,
fumble in the dark to reach for my cheeks,
plant a kiss in your sleep.

And my poems would not bleed pain
they would speak of happy endings instead,
honey-tinted ‘ever afters’ spent in cabins by the sea -
laughing so much,
that loneliness is pushed to another world,
nothing but a stranger.

In another life

you would share
all your culinary experiments with me
and my books would be filled with women
who look exactly like you — 
so beautiful,
that they make poetry pale in comparison.

But right here, in this life
you’re not with me
and I still bleed

I bleed this pain into my poems,
those tears onto my pillow,
and my books sing of heartbreak
and a life devoid of beauty,
devoid of music.

In this life, I still bleed
these questions into the blank darkness:

what if we hadn’t put ego over love?
what if we had chosen the other life?

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