If You’re Successful, People Will Assume You’ve Had It Easy

Success looks glamorous, but the path to reach it is set with hurdles.

If You’re Successful, People Will Assume You’ve Had It Easy
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Success looks glamorous, but the path to reach it is set with hurdles.

Last weekend, I went for lunch and a movie at one of the poshest malls in my city.

I was craving for an exotic dish I’d last tried in Goa. It was super expensive here, almost 10x of the price when I’d first tasted it. But I’d worked super hard the whole week, and I felt I deserved it.

And so, even though the price was about half my monthly rent for just one dish, I went ahead and ordered it.

When I posted the pictures on Instagram, some people mentioned that it’s easy for me to enjoy such luxuries as I have rich parents.

I deleted the comment and blocked the person. I had enough on my plate to try and justify my story to them.

But it’s very common for people to see success stories on social media and assume that the person had it easy all their lives. That is what I want to dissect in this article.

No, I never had it easy all my life

Yes, my parents are well-off, but I’ve never demanded luxuries from them.

When I was in Delhi preparing for the engineering services exam, my parents only paid for the house rent and tuition fees. I was naive while bargaining and spent much more than our budget when I shifted houses. This led me to exhaust all the pocket money my parents had given me that month.

I felt so guilty and ashamed, that I didn’t even ask my parents for extra money. I was even failing all my mock tests which made me feel worse. In my head, I’d done nothing to deserve more money, and so, I spent the entire month with just 500 rupees ($35 US) in my pocket.

There were days when all I had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner was white bread. A packet cost 20 rupees, and one packet was enough for one day. It was my way of saving money and making sure I made up for the mess I’d made.

Success is glamorous. The journey isn’t.

These aren’t stories I share with every person, but somehow, that comment made me feel like clarifying this.

Now, I’ve built a thriving 6-figure business around my writing. You might look at me and think I’ve had it easy, but the truth is different. I’ve survived terrible times and worked tooth and nail to build what I have today.

And trust me, most successful entrepreneurs you see online have come through the same hardships as you might be going through right now.

It’s easy to compare your day zero with someone else’s day 1000, but if you keep this perspective in mind, it will help you keep your hopes up.

Closing thoughts: What this means for you

At the end of the day, the only people who succeed are the ones who refuse to give up even when all odds are stacked against them.

Sure, luck and unfair advantages help, but your grit and determination are the most valuable assets you need for success.

Hold on to them, and trust that better things are coming your way.

Either you will give up or the hardships on your way will.

It’s on you. Who’s going to win this round?

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” — Dale Carnegie

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