Why I’m Done “Strategizing” My Content

And what I intend to do as a freelance writer.

Why I’m Done “Strategizing” My Content
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And what I intend to do as a freelance writer.

Yesterday, I was in an interview for YouTube where the presenter asked me how I strategize and plan my content so it gets the maximum engagement.

The question took me by surprise because I’ve never really put much thought into getting views.

I’m a writer at heart, and all I do is write to express my emotions. If you’ve read my posts from the past few days, you might know that I write straight from the heart.

How can you put strategies when emotions are involved?

I’m just extremely lucky that this amazing community has welcomed me with open arms and given me so much love. Otherwise, if you people only cared about strategies, I’d probably not be getting any views at all.

For me, writing is a profession, yes, but it’s also a passion.

And when it comes to passion, there’s only the burning desire to put words to paper, no coherent plans.

But I’ve made ONE expectation

The only strategy I’ve stuck to is consistency.

You see, no matter what aspect of being a creator you talk about, be it earning money, growing your audience, or attracting brand deals, the answer always boils down to one word: CONSISTENCY.

It’s easy to speak of, but hard to actually do. There are some frequently mistaken aspects about consistency as well, and I want to discuss them in this post:

  1. Consistency doesn’t mean you’ll keep doing the same things and expect a different result. You’ll have to post daily yes, but you’ll also have to keep improving what you post. An excellent way to do this is by READING what’s working and incorporating that in your own posts.
  2. Being consistent means you’ll have to be prepared to do that thing for at least 2 years before you can give up. Anything less than 2 years, and it simply means you didn’t believe yourself enough or were too entitled.
  3. Being consistent also means most people will either call you a wannabe or make fun of you during your phase of struggle. But when you finally succeed, these same people will say you got “lucky.” You have to be prepared to deal with such negativity, as it’s a side-effect of being successful.

Today, I’ve built a 6-figure business around my writing because I was consistent, and I was also aware of these 3 aspects that come with it.

People often think the journey to the top is glamorous, but for me, it was BORING, filled with lots of hard work and disappointment. I didn’t have any special talent or luck.

All I had was the belief in myself and enough stubbornness to not quit. But as they say, there’s light at the end of every tunnel.

For me, that tunnel was my own empire that I built just by writing.

Writing for myself vs writing for clients

That said, when it comes to articles for my client, I strategize like a pro.

There’s a term in the world of writers known as “Get into bed with your readers.”

This means a writer should KNOW their reader so well, that they should be aware of the kinds of thoughts their target audience has at 3 AM. If you know what keeps them awake at night, you’ll be able to help them the best. And if you know how to help them, your articles will strike the right chords, and the clients will love you as well.

So yes, when it comes to my own writing, I only write what comes naturally to me. And when it comes to clients, I’m a strategizing machine.

I familiarize myself intimately with the target audience and give them all the things they didn’t even know they needed.

I suppose this is why my clients keep telling me my words have magic.

As a writer, do you apply any strategy in your writing? What about when you’re writing for your clients? Let me know.

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