Indian Writers Can Finally Make Money From Medium

Get paid to write about exactly what you want.

Indian Writers Can Finally Make Money From Medium

Get paid to write about exactly what you want.

Imagine a world where you get paid for writing exactly what you want,

Picture not having to rely on freelance clients, consultation calls, coaching, or any external agencies to pay your bills. Just write on your preferred topics, publish them on your profile, and earn.

Once a dream, this can become a reality starting August 2023.

In this article, we’re discussing Medium — a platform that previously paid writers from only 33 countries worldwide. But starting August 2023, the Medium Partner Program is opening in India.

Yes, you read that right — writers from India can now start earning money by sharing their stories on Medium.

This news isn’t just some rumor. It comes straight from the official Medium blog, which announced recently that the Medium Partner Program is now expanding to 12 additional countries, including India.

If you’re an Indian writer grappling with ways to monetize your work, Medium’s expanded accessibility could be the perfect solution for you. Watch this in video format here —

Earning on Medium involves three essential steps:

1. Become a paying member

Medium operates on a subscription model.

To be eligible to start earning money, you need to become a paying member with a subscription fee of five dollars per month.

Here’s a link to become Medium Member.

2. Create valuable content

With Medium’s new guidelines, quality now trumps quantity.

Don’t fret over producing a high volume of content; focus instead on crafting articles that deliver value.

The Medium Partner Program used to compensate authors based on the total reading time their stories garnered. But starting in August 2023, compensation will depend on the number of:

  • reads,
  • claps,
  • comments, and
  • highlights

your story receives. If a reader chooses to follow you after reading your piece, you earn an additional bonus.

3. Target Medium publications

Rather than publishing solely on your own profile, aim for visibility in Medium publications. These are collections of articles in specific categories or niches.

For beginners, finding the right publication for your article can be challenging. Here’s a detailed guide on finding the right publication for your Medium article.

The expansion of the Medium Partner Program in India heralds a new era for Indian writers, providing a straightforward and legitimate way to monetize their craft.

Share this exciting news with your writer friends so they too can start benefiting from Medium’s platform.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please leave a comment. Expect a new tutorial soon on how to write and format an article on Medium.

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