Keep making mistakes

(Poetry in free verse)

Keep making mistakes

(Poetry in free verse)

I know not where I want to end up,
but one thing’s for certain:
it is not here,
it is not now.

And until then,
I keep walking,
I keep looking,
I keep making mistakes,

keep giving all of my love,
and hoping
I would get some of it back,

keep wandering,
lost and alone
searching for a nameless, faceless goal
I’m yet to achieve,
with a certainty in my heart
that when I do,
my journey would end,
that I can finally rest
knowing I have found it -
the one person,
the one job,
the one place
which would fulfill
every craving
of this aching soul.

Oh, the certainty-
so powerful,
yet so fragile.

What if there is no single place
where my heart belongs?

What if there isn’t just one lover
who can give me
all I had
ever asked for?

What if there isn’t just one job
that would sate my hunger,
this endless restlessness,
the desire to be someone better?

What if life isn’t about settling,
what if it is all about constantly moving,
for the elusive perfection
the world has made us believe exists?

What if all of them were wrong,
and we are meant to
forever wander

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