LinkedIn Paid Me to Write (and here’s how you can get in too)

A detailed analysis of everything you need to know about the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator program.

LinkedIn Paid Me to Write (and here’s how you can get in too)
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A detailed analysis of everything you need to know about the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator program.

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A lot of people believe that the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator program is only for people who:

  1. Have a significant following on the platform, or
  2. Are so-called influencers.

Well, guess what?

Neither of them is correct.

Ever since I took part in LinkedIn’s Creator Accelerator program, I’ve been bombarded with questions from so many people regarding what the program is, what is the selection criteria, how can they apply, etc.

So, I decided to write a detailed post on everything you need to know about the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator program.

Here, I’ve shared my experiences with the program, what you need to know before applying, and how it will be beneficial to all creators.

If you’d like to watch a more candid version of the story in video format, you can watch it here.

The application process

It all started in April 2022 when I saw a post on the LinkedIn for Creators page that they’re opening up the Creator Accelerator program in India.

Before that, I had seen posters for the same program in the US where 100 creators were selected. They were given mentorship, training, and a financial grant to keep posting on LinkedIn.

At that time, I felt a bit envious of them and wondered why something like this was not available in India.

When I saw the post for LinkedIn opening up the Creator Accelerator program in India, I was super excited and decided to fill out the form immediately.

LinkedIn claimed that filling out this form will only take 20 minutes. But to be honest, it took me more than three hours. I also had to record a one-minute video regarding what my plans were. That 60-second clip took me so many takes to finally make the correct version that I could send.

I barely finished filling out the form right before the deadline. There were so many deep and detailed questions in the form. They frustrated me and make me anxious if I had given the best possible response.

Once I was done with the form, I breathed a sigh of relief. Since the results weren’t expected for another two or so months, I forgot about it and moved on to other projects.

The program requirements

At the end of April, I got an email that I’d been selected.

I wasn't that hopeful because so many thousands of people must have applied from India, and to be in the top 200 was a huge deal. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.

But the acceptance email came as a much-needed happy surprise.

The program started in full swing in June. It was a 10-week program where you had to create four posts each week depending on your niche (you get to select and declare the niche of your choice in the 3-hour-long form).

The main questions in that form were regarding your creative project, or what topics you’d like to post about. I had chosen a topic about how writers can live the life of their dreams. That was my niche, and the topic I was supposed to write about consistently four times a week for 10 weeks.

The program perks

1. Sticking to a niche

Before embarking on this program, I had been writing on LinkedIn for about 8 months. But I had been writing on a wide range of topics from productivity to self-love, to reading and books.

But this program forced me to niche down. The results that I saw in my stats were incredible. If you look at the screenshot from my stats, you can quickly see how much difference the past 10 weeks have made.

Screenshot of LinkedIn stats by the author.

2. Financial grant

Aside from this daily posting schedule, there was also a financial grant.

Though it was a lot less than what the US cohort was paid, compared to the average Indian salary, this was a lot of money.

In addition to that, if you fulfill all the criteria mentioned in the LiCAP guidelines, you also stood the chance of winning a bonus. Combined, this was a lot of money, and I was thrilled with the financial grant.

3. Mentorship sessions

All the 200 people of the first LiCAP cohort were given intensive mentorship and training sessions from industry experts like Radhika Gupta, Ankur Warikoo, Nas, and Puja Dhingra.

These mentorship sessions were super valuable and filled with interesting insights. I also got a chance to ask a one-on-one questions to both Nas and Ankur Warikoo. This was the highlight of my whole program.

All the mentors were helpful. The comments they gave changed my content game.

We were also given several sessions by other experts on how to make better videos, how to write better content, and how to stay consistent. All these have been insanely helpful in my journey as a creator.

LiCAP graduation party

When the ten weeks of the program were finally over, LinkedIn organized a grand graduation ceremony in their Bangalore office. Each member of the 200-strong cohort was invited to attend the ceremony in person.

When I entered the LinkedIn office, I felt a massive sense of accomplishment like, “Wow, I was a part of something really big, and now it’s over!”

Initially, I was a little terrified because there were so many amazing creators talking to each other, and I felt a little awkward. How do I just barge into a group and start a conversation?

But slowly, I realized that almost everyone there must be battling a similar issue. Nobody is confident enough just to go and start talking to strangers, right? Everyone has some insecurities, shyness, some awkwardness. But everybody was fighting it and doing their best to start conversations. I also was inspired to do the same.

The LinkedIn office in itself was really beautiful. It had the vibe that if I start to sit there and work, I would get really creative ideas.

We also had an all-access pass to the LinkedIn cafe so we could order as many caramel cappuccinos as we liked.

Best perks of the 10 weeks of LiCAP

My biggest takeaway from this 10-week program was the connections that I was able to build during this program. We had a group of all 200 members on WhatsApp where we used to talk every time we had any program requirements to fulfill.

Talking with my fellow creators helped me realize that nobody is perfect in this journey of creation. Nobody has it all figured out. But the more you talk with people, the more you make connections, and the more you network, the better and easier your journey will be.

Now, the biggest question in your head might be: How can I apply to be a part of the next LiCAP cohort in my country?

Well, the bad news is that you cannot, because currently, it’s not open. But the good news is LinkedIn is definitely coming up with a second cohort very soon for India as well as other countries like the US, UK, Brazil, and many others.

Make sure you follow the LinkedIn for Creators page. Turn on notifications, so anytime they make a new announcement, you’re the first to apply.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have or what your niche is; all it matters is that you have the consistency and the grit to stick to the schedule of posting for ten weeks.

If you take care of that, you should be fine. And trust me, it'll be a fun, enjoyable, and enlightening learning experience.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program, do share them in the comments.

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