Poetry in free verse


Poetry in free verse

If your dreams are in ashes
it means there’s fire nearby.
If your life is shrouded in darkness,
there must be light somewhere close.

Who said you were crazy
before this world invented doctors?
Who said you’re not normal,
and who gets to decide
a definition of ‘normal’?

Madness is make-believe
and insanity is man-made.

So don’t listen to what they tell you
for they don’t know what they are saying
or if all they’re doing is repeating
whatever they have been taught to believe.

Author’s note: If you liked this piece of work, you would definitely enjoy my best (and previously unpublished) poems which are curated in my book: Stolen Reflections: Some Stories Are Told in Verse. It is a collection of 100 poems exploring 15 different traditional poetry forms, including the haiku, tanka, limerick, palindrome and the modern free verse.

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