My First Book is out now!

Ever since I knew what dreams were, I wanted to be a published author.

My First Book is out now!

Ever since I knew what dreams were, I wanted to be a published author.

When kids of my age were playing with pretend-stethoscopes, doll houses or remote-controlled cars, I used to sit next to my father as he flipped through the pages of his favourite Tintin comic in the hope that he would read out bits and pieces of the story to me.

When I could finally start reading on my own, I equated happiness with an Enid Blyton in my hands.

Oh, how fervently I used to write!

Be it the simple ‘make sentences’ exercises at school or the ‘write an essay on…’ questions in the yearly exams — I used to treat them all as excuses to let my creativity loose and come up with a story of my own.

“I would become an author when I grow up,” I used to think.

And now, almost 20 years later, I can finally say that I have taken a step in that direction.

Yes, dear friends, my first book “Stolen Reflections” is out now.

This is a HUGE moment for me because it has been such a cherished childhood dream. I want to thank each and every one of you for sticking it out with me — for reading all the poems and stories that I kept posting here ever so often. This would never have been possible without your claps and encouraging comments.

What is the book about, you ask?

Stolen Reflections is an anthology of poems celebrating love and the traditional poetry forms. I have dealt with various human emotions right from the thrill of success to the rancour of rejection, to the butterflies you get in your stomach when your crush passes you a smile, to the pain of losing someone you held dear. I have also experimented with around twenty different poetry forms including tanka, palindrome, Limerick, and cinquain which has been a challenging, yet rewarding experience.

It is my debut poetry venture — which wouldn’t have been possible without the constant love and support I received here on Medium.

I am really really REALLY excited about this, and I hope you guys will support me in my first endeavor.