New Discord Channel for InfoSec Enthusiasts

Hello, fellow hackers and security researchers!

New Discord Channel for InfoSec Enthusiasts

Hello, fellow hackers and security researchers!

We are amazed by the response we have got from you. We reached 5.2k+ followers in less than a year of the inception of this publication — and we are now the biggest repository on Medium for InfoSec-related articles. We also receive several emails from writers to include their posts here.

For the purpose of making the communication easier and discussing technical details along with other relevant information of related write-ups, we created a Discord channel. The aim is to share knowledge in the community and keep the discussion going on.

Here is the link to join:

We are hoping that this would be a step forward in our journey towards learning new and cool InfoSec concepts.

The two key features of the new Discord Channel are:

  1. There are separate channels for discussion on various topics — like general updates,bug bounty, capture the flag, hardware hacking, reverse engineering, social engineering and job opportunities among several others. This, along with the option of directly messaging eminent hackers in the group helps in making the discussion more focused and lively.
  2. To ensure the discussion keeps going on, members who haven’t been active in the lat 30 days would be automatically pruned. We are more focused on quality than quantity. Of course, if they are interested, they can click on the invite link to log in again.

So what are you waiting for? The Discord channel is already 900+ members strong. Go ahead and be a part of the largest community of InfoSec enthusiasts online!

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