Our time together

Free verse

Our time together
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Free verse

‘I miss you,’ you would say
even though we had been together all day
back when you used to stop me mid-sentence,
always asking a new question,
curious, wanting to know more.

You loved me when my hair was a mess,
looked at me like you saw nobody else,
back when you remembered
every story I told you,
so eager to learn,
to absorb every detail about me.

And now that you have,
you no longer find time for my stories,
and when I am telling you about my day,
your eyes are distracted,
searching the room for a pretty face,
another young girl to take my place.

Do you remember how things used to be when we fell in love?

For I do, and the memories
wind themselves up in deathly tendrils
tightening their grip on my windpipe,
holding me back,
chaining me to you.

But I am learning
one step at a time,
but I am learning
to let go of something I once held dear
for what use is your love if I can’t hold it near?

Every time I look at my watch,
the ticking hands shout
darling, our time together is running out.

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