Silver and Sorrow


Silver and Sorrow
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Clutch tight everything you’ve stolen
and run now, while there’s still time
you can’t mend the things we’ve broken
so, run, before I make you mine.

Like a mosaic of broken dreams
you build your world, bit by bit,
watch me come apart at the seams
screaming, as I take the hit.

I am made of silver and sorrow,
you love dancing on broken glass,
no, I don’t lend, you can’t borrow,
so run away, before I start to chase.

Run away, o breaker of hearts
not sparing a glance
for what you broke apart
so caught up in your electric dance.

I am just another impossible dream
you are but a holidayer
after what you did, even if you begged,
no, we can never be together.

Author’s note: If you liked this piece of work, you would definitely enjoy my best (and previously unpublished) poems which are curated in my book: Stolen Reflections: Some Stories Are Told in Verse. It is a collection of 100 poems exploring 15 different traditional poetry forms, including the haiku, tanka, limerick, palindrome and the modern free verse.

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