Sweet Lies

Ballad with aabb rhyme scheme

Sweet Lies

Ballad with aabb rhyme scheme

Her smile is but a facile disguise
A clever facade to hide flimsy lies.
So happy were we, until she did leave
And here I lie, too betrayed to grieve.

She whispered sweet words so incredibly fake
And left naught, but oh, did she take!
Hate her, I can’t, though I did try
Weeping as sleepless nights passed by.

Her touch I still cherish, as she once did mine
The look in her eyes, in that dress oh so fine.
Our time together was the best yet
But even in paradise the sun must set.

My quest was happiness but now it’s too late
So I stare into blankness and curse my fate.
The lesson I learned from her final goodbye
Is for ego to live, love must surely die.

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