The LinkedIn Feature So Good, It Almost Feels Illegal to Know

The LinkedIn Feature So Good, It Almost Feels Illegal to Know
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Leverage this feature to get your message across and stand out.

You’re here because the title grabbed your attention.

So that’s a pat on my back because I managed to hook you.

And since you’re here, let me not waste your time anymore and tell you what’s this secret LinkedIn feature I’m talking about.

But before we dive in, here’s a little bit about why knowing about this feature can give you an upper hand:

Platforms promote new features.

This feature was launched only a few months ago.

LinkedIn is pushing it through real-time notifications and email reminders to as many users as possible.

It takes little effort to create and host one.

All you have to do is press the + button on your LinkedIn home screen on the phone app and start an event.

It doesn’t involve the camera, so you can lie on your bed in a dark room and talk to your followers.

It lets you have one-on-one conversations with your audience.

From knowing about their pain points to understanding how you can help them better, this LinkedIn feature lets you understand your target audience deeply.

That way, you can connect with them better and provide tailor-made solutions to ensure they benefit the most.

This would be an excellent way to increase your brand’s recall value in the minds of your target audience and an extraordinary path to nurturing a loyal online community.

What’s this secret feature, you ask?

Let’s not make you wait any longer.

The secret LinkedIn feature that’s so good, it feels almost illegal to know about it is…….


LinkedIn Audio events.

And the best part?

LinkedIn is investing heavily to promote audio events.

Screenshot by the author.

Case study: My first LinkedIn Audio Event

My first audio event on LinkedIn was Krusha Sahjwani Malkani’s  book launch.

As Binati Sheth summarized it on Twitter, here’s what happened during the 1-hour event:

Anshuman Tiwari
(We) Talked about reviews and what they mean to authors. Why bad reviews aren’t really bad if we think them through deeply. I quoted Krusha’s book to her and then wrap up. A lot of books were name dropped. Maybe this should become a series or be repeated for twitter.
@anangsha_Inspiration for creation. Discipline for action.

That’s fine, but what about the results?

  • The 1-hour audio event was attended by 2324 people, with 524 people tuning in to hear us speak. Imagine creating content on the spot and having 2000+ people listening to you as you ideate and articulate your thoughts.
  • Tons of emoji reactions, raised hands, and audience participation during the event.
  • 50+ new followers after the event ended.
  • Stimulating conversations and interesting discussions among the panel members. An excellent opportunity to speak your mind on topics that matter and establish thought leadership in your chosen niche.
Screenshot by Krushna Sahjwani Malkani (sourced by the author)

Why I think LinkedIn Audio events will shape the future.

  • They are great opportunities to connect with your audience directly and build stronger connections.
  • The ever-lessening attention span of the average social media user makes media content more accessible than text posts.
  • Audio requires lower effort to consume than pictures or videos, and hence will have more takers among the casual scroller of the platform.
  • You can save the event for future viewing and repurpose it as a podcast. Addition revenue streams + potential exposure to a larger audience.

How to host a LinkedIn Audio Event

To create an Audio Event, follow these instructions:

  1. From the home screen, click + next to Events.
  2. Under Event format, select Audio Event.
  3. Add the event name and details. Remember, an audio event can be attended live and can extend for a maximum of three hours.
  4. Click Post. The event will be shared as a post and appear on your followers' feeds. Some may even be notified when the Audio Event starts.
Screenshot from LinkedIn official guidelines.

How to promote your LinkedIn Audio event

According to LinkedIn's official guidelines, here are some cool tips to have an engaging and successful LinkedIn Audio Event:


  • Plan a focused agenda with key discussion topics.
  • Hold the Audio Event for at least 15 minutes.

Guest speakers

  • Invite guest speakers for engaging conversations.
  • Encourage them to share the Audio Event with their network.

Starting the Audio Event

  • Start the event up to 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for pre-live preparations.
  • Have guest speakers join in preparing and testing audio settings.
  • When ready, click “Go live” to start the event.

Encourage participation

  • Open the event by briefly explaining the agenda and emphasizing participation.
  • Ask attendees questions to encourage engagement.

Networking and managing attendees

  • Allow attendees to speak by clicking on the raised hand emoji.
  • Move speakers to “listening” when the maximum number of speakers is reached.
  • Mute attendees as needed.
  • Invite attendees to speak by clicking on the “Ask to speak” button in the lower-right corner of the event window.
  • Be flexible and respond to real moments in real time.
  • Use the networking feature to follow and message event attendees.

Final words: What LinkedIn Audio Events mean for creators and companies to build a brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Audio Events are the platform's newest feature and are being heavily promoted.

Since so few creators and pages are leveraging Audio Events in 2022, now is the best time to use them to grow your personal brand and connect with your community.

I hope this article inspired you to try hosting an audio event and see how it impacts your reach on the platform. Don’t forget to jump in on the comments and share your insights regarding this cool new feature.

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