The Story Behind My First Blue Tick

How I got a verified profile on the first platform I started writing on.

The Story Behind My First Blue Tick
The author’s profile picture on Quora.

How I got a verified profile on the first platform I started writing on.

I woke up to the BEST news today.

My profile on Quora is now verified. This is the first blue tick of my life (one in a long journey of many more to come, I hope), and I’m so happy it was from Quora.

Quora is legit the platform that started it all. My first taste of an international audience and instant validation (the upvotes and comments that came immediately after posting an answer).

Two top writer badges, almost 60,000 followers, insane credibility, and 12,000+ sales of my first two books — Quora has helped me through all of it.

Quora also gave me the first taste of what it means to be a celebrity long before this blue tick. Around 2015–2017 when I used to be the most active there, random people stopped in the streets in random parts of the country to ask if I’m the “Anangsha from Quora.”

They told me they loved my answers and requested selfies. The first time it happened, I was shocked, but also insanely happy. And as I kept writing, this kept happening more and more.

Even today, many people who message me on LinkedIn or Medium start by saying, “I remember reading your answers on Quora back in 2014.”

Seven years. One platform. What a gratifying journey.

A huge thank you to all my readers and all the amazing people who made it happen. Cheers to all the other awesome things up ahead in store.

Screenshot from the author’s Quora profile.

So how did the verification happen?

I wish there was some astronomical story behind it, some secret tactic I could share that would help you get yours verified too.

But the story, like all creator success stories, is pretty boring.

I started writing on Quora in 2014. I kept writing for seven straight years without expectations, posting one answer or sharing one article a day. Yesterday, I had a message from Quora’s Community Manager if I was free to hop on a call about some upcoming changes on the platform.

It was more of a user survey call where they asked me about the journey it took me to get here and what all I expect from the platform moving ahead. They also hinted that they are getting “some form of the Top Writer program back.”

I didn’t know it would be a blue tick.

I certainly didn't expect myself to be one of them.

What does a blue tick mean?


Insane, earth-shattering credibility.

I had a look at the profiles of some of my favorite Quorans, the people whose journey I looked to as inspirations and who have 200,000+ followers. I looked to check if they had blue ticks.

But guess what, there were none.

This means Quora isn’t going around handing blue ticks to everyone. So any writer who has a verified profile will have amazing credibility on the platform.

I’ll also be probably invited to write on their official creator’s Space and host some sessions (more on that in later posts).

I’m not sure how I’ll leverage this credibility yet, but you can surely expect some amazing content from me there, as I have a gut feeling this is only the first step in my journey — on Quora, as well as elsewhere on the internet.

I intend to get verified on my other social media profiles as well. Let’s see how and when that happens. I’ll keep sharing my journey here, so stay tuned for more.

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