We Weren’t Meant To Be

Poetry in free verse

We Weren’t Meant To Be
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Poetry in free verse

He came from the seas, wild and untamed
like those waves shimmering in the sun
crashing and breaking on the shore
again and again, until there is sand no more.
Shifting, ever-changing,
he was the taste of freedom
a whiff of salty air on a moonlit night.
He was meant to go places
to explore the world and leave pieces of him everywhere.

I belonged to the mountains
lofty and serene
calling the earth my home
and the open skies the limit to my dreams -
enwreathed in those clouds
I’d gathered around myself,
those walls
that had let no one in
but him.

When we met, it was magic.
He filled my soul with his temerity
as I did his heart with my words.
Our time together — did it only last a week
or eons of sunlit days
strung together by the sweetest summer wine?

My mark on him was indelible
and the void in my heart the day he left -

If only I could tame his brazenness
write his music down,
I would have created a masterpiece -
a work of art.
His memories, that magic he taught me to believe in
will be there in those books
that you’d never get to read.
Those books
that I’d start writing on lonely rainy mornings
but never could bring myself to finish.

Because art-
does it ever end?

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