Would You Remember?

Poetry in free verse for when all this will be over

Would You Remember?
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Poetry in free verse for when all this will be over

After all this over,
will you go back to being who you were,
or would you stick to being who you’ve become?

Would you remember
that spending time with family
is more precious
(and satisfying)
than adding ten new dresses to your shopping cart
and refreshing the page every day
till you get a discount?

Would you remember
that there is more to life than a computer screen
and numbers that mean so much to your boss
and barely anything to you?

Would you remember
that while we humans were shut inside,
the earth took a breath of fresh air,
and would you walk to where you have to go
instead of shutting yourself up
inside an air-conditioned car?

Would you remember
how much your body thanked you
for making a meal from scratch,
and not eating junk food,
and it is easier than you think
to control your urges
when there is no option left?

Would you remember
how important it is to take a break,
to breathe in, sleep a little longer,
to appreciate your solitude — 
that you are so much more important
than what you do?

Would you remember
that when there were no longer programs on the TV
or going out to fancy pubs every night,
it is long conversations
and video calls with your friends
that saved your soul?

Would you remember
that no matter how many excuses you make,
how much validation you seek from expensive gadgets
and clothes following the latest fashion trends,
living a happy life is not that difficult?

Would you remember
that after everything is said and done,
we humans are simple creatures,
that love is all we need,
love is all we crave for?

Author’s note: If you liked this piece of work, you would definitely enjoy my best (and previously unpublished) poems which are curated in my book: Stolen Reflections: Some Stories Are Told in Verse. It is a collection of 100 poems exploring 15 different traditional poetry forms, including the haiku, tanka, limerick, palindrome and the modern free verse.

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