Writers, if You’re Not on This Platform, You’re Missing Out

After Medium and Substack, this could be a total game-changer

Writers, if You’re Not on This Platform, You’re Missing Out
Image from Swapstack’s login page

After Medium and Substack, this could be a total game-changer

Are you tired of hearing everyone saying you need a newsletter, but unable to see its true worth?

Have you created a newsletter but don’t feel good about asking your subscribers to pay for it?

Do you want to find meaningful sponsorships for your newsletter, but unsure how to approach brands for the same?

Well, my dear writer friends, let me introduce you to an amazing platform that’s all set to change the game for writers and brands alike.

Introducing Swapstack

Swapstack is a platform that connects writers with brands they could collaborate and form potential long-lasting relationships with. The onboarding process is super easy. All you have to do is sign up with your email ID and fill in a few details about what your newsletter is about, how many subscribers you have, and how frequently you send emails.

After that, you’ll have access to hundreds of brands and their objectives, with the option to pick one (or several) that suits your newsletter’s purpose and can collaborate with. Once the brand finalizes the deal, you can send an invoice according to the amount you’d like to quote, and you’d get the full payment in your Stripe account. Swapstack charges a 10% fee to the brand — their effort to make sure the creators get exactly what they quoted.

Sounds too good to be true?

Join Swapstack now and see for yourself.

What’s in it for writers

According to the Swapstack homepage, here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • Sponsorships for all newsletter sizes.
  • Creative freedom to keep your style.
  • Secure invoicing to collect payments with 0 fees.
  • Meet hundreds of other writers and collaborate with them to grow your audience further.

Aside from this, before you even find a brand to sponsor you, you can try out Plug & Play — an initiative where any creator is pre-approved to include the links for brands in their newsletters, and get paid depending on how many conversions they have.

And the best part? You’re anyway sending a newsletter. You just have to write a few extra words, add a link to the brand, and voila! you’re all set to get paid for directing your audience to their website.

Why join Swapstack

If you aren’t convinced yet, here’s a little bit more about their founders: Swapstack was built by two writers, who wanted an easier way to monetize their work. They started with a community and built a product based on the needs of the community. Swapstack is community-driven, which means each writer gets value in multiple ways.

  • Monetize: Easily monetize your newsletter by working with active sponsors.
  • Focus on Writing: Save time filling your sponsorship pipeline, so you can write more.
  • Community: Meet other writers to collaborate with, and grow through swaps.

My experience with Swapstack

I joined Swapstack on April 17, 2021. Since then, I’ve worked with three brands and helped them reach more potential users.

Aside from the monetary benefits, it was an incredible learning experience to get to talk directly with the founders or CEOs of these brands. They had some crazy ideas and an infectious enthusiasm that helped me work harder towards my goals as well.

The reason why I love Swapstack so much is because of how inclusive they are. Being from India, I had some issues receiving payments from the brands via Stripe. Not only did they let me use PayPal for submitting the invoice, but the founders also personally worked with Stripe to figure out a solution that would help Indian creators get paid without any problems.

I’ve been writing on Medium since 2020 and have been an active reader since 2018. It’s been three years, but they still haven’t found a way for writers from India and other southeast Asian countries to get paid from the partner program. Compared to Medium’s cold-shoulder towards writers from this part of the world, the initiative by the Swapstack founders feels super heartfelt and welcome.

Final words

There are none! If you’re a writer, go join Swapstack asap!

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