You are beautiful

Poetry in free verse

You are beautiful
A polaroid and the view from my balcony

Poetry in free verse

They will tell you you’re not enough,
that you need someone else — a lover — 
to make you feel complete,
that on your own,
you can’t make your dreams come true,
they will try to bring you down
every chance they get.

Don’t listen to them,
for it is only their insecurities
they try to project on you
to keep your flame from burning
for the fear you will outshine them.

You don’t need them
to tell you what you can be,
you don’t need reminders
of the fire burning in your soul,
you don’t need a partner
to achieve all that you’re meant to,
on your own, you are enough.

You are beautiful.
Don’t let the world make you forget that.

Author’s note: If you liked this piece of work, you would definitely enjoy my best (and previously unpublished) poems which are curated in my book: Stolen Reflections: Some Stories Are Told in Verse. It is a collection of 100 poems exploring 15 different traditional poetry forms, including the haiku, tanka, limerick, palindrome and the modern free verse.

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