3 Ways For Creators to Monetize Their Social Media Audience

Make money by writing online.

3 Ways For Creators to Monetize Their Social Media Audience
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Make money by writing online.

"Anangsha, what are some easy ways I can make money by writing online?"

Dear reader, if making money by writing online was easy, wouldn't everyone do it?

This is a question I get asked most often on social media, and every time, my response is the same: there is no easy way.

Yes, you can monetize your social media audience in several excellent ways. But none of the ways are easy. They take months (if not years) of hard work, dedication, and a laser-sharp focus.

On the way, you will fail and flounder a lot. But if you keep pushing on, you will surely succeed a few years later.

So, in what ways can creators monetize their social media presence and make money by writing online? This article discusses exactly that.

Watch the video to know my candid take.

1. Brand Collaborations

When you build an online community, you will have your niche and a specific topic that you talk about.

The next goal is to look for brands or companies making products or services related to these topics. Then you have to approach them to see if they are interested in promoting to your audience.

Effectively, you'll be sharing about brands your audience will find helpful on your public profiles, and the brands will pay you in return. The perks of brand collabs are several, including:

  • You get paid to have inspiring conversations with the CEOs of some fantastic brands you have used a lot. (You win)
  • Your audience gets introduced to the products they love the most. (Your readers win)
  • The brand gets new customers, and if the collaboration exceeds their expectations, you can carve out a long-term contract. (The brand wins)

You'd be surprised at how easy getting brand deals is. All you have to do is start looking for them. As a beginner, you can join a marketplace that connects creators to brands. Some examples are:

  • #Paid — Creator marketing platform to work with top brands.
  • Swapstack — Connecting brands to newsletter audiences for relevant sponsorships.
  • WhoSponsorsStuff — Find and pitch to companies that are currently sponsoring creators.
  • Letterwell — Advertise in email newsletters.

These are free platforms, but you can find some fantastic connections there.

2. Solving the Problems Your Community Faces

A great way of monetizing your community directly is by selling paid products, courses, or consulting services. These products and services should solve the problems your community faces.

Formulating such products requires a deep-seated understanding of what your readers expect from you. Since you spent so much time building an audience, you would have some expertise in your niche topics.

Then you can sell products or services related to these topics to your audience and start making money that way. Here's a detailed tutorial on how to make your first digital product and start selling.

3. Selling Blogs to Websites that Pay for Guest Posts

If you have been writing online for a while, you would know that so many websites pay handsomely for guest posts.

Here's a detailed tutorial on finding websites that pay for guest posts in any niche of your choice.

Step one: Search on Google with the name of your topics, space, and guest posts. Then you will find a list of websites that offer paid guest posts in this niche. For example, I searched for "relationships."

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Step two: The next step is to review each website and read its submission requirements.

Step three: After your thorough review, it’s time to send a pitch. A successful pitch with a high conversion rate has five elements.

  1. Introduction and greetings
  2. Introduction to your article
  3. What makes your article credible (what research you've done, etc.)
  4. Why are you the best person to write this?
  5. How will the reader benefit from reading your article?

I have discussed each of these elements in detail in this video. It also includes a sample pitch that got me accepted into one of the most respected publications of that time.

Final Words

Summing up, here are the three ways writers can monetize their social media presence:

  1. Do sponsorships with relevant brands.
  2. Solve problems your community faces by selling products and services directly.
  3. Write paid guest posts on websites that cater to your niche.

Of course, the most reliable way to earn by writing is by having a few high-paying freelance clients on a monthly retainer basis. Looking for clients in your niche that pay well is not always easy.

To help new writers facing this issue, I've compiled all my knowledge and experience of 6+ years into a 90-day action plan on how to land your first high-paying freelance writing client. Check it out here.

Intrigued about writing online but not sure where to start or how it can benefit you? Grab The Ultimate LinkedIn Guide and start building your personal brand on LinkedIn today.

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