4 Life-changing Books Worth Reading, Recommending, and Gifting All Your Friends

4 Life-changing Books Worth Reading, Recommending, and Gifting All Your Friends
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No facts can move a person more than stories.

There has to be a reason why fables are significant in preschool and not long fact-based content.

Most self-help books are loaded with information. But some of them are extraordinary, so delicate yet instructive, that you’re bound to be touched by them.

Every year you make a new year’s resolution, promising specific new changes in your life. But are you able to make it?

Maybe, no. You end up keeping it again for the following year. You might question yourself, what are the things restricting you from a positive change? Why is this always on your mind, but you cannot turn it into reality?

That’s when self-help books come as saviors.

In this article, I’ll share four impactful books that are worth a read and precious to gift to anyone close to you.

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1. Group by Christie Tate

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“When was the last time you told someone that you weren’t ready for what they were asking you to do?” — Christie Tate

Have you ever read a book that urged you to hug the author?

That was the overwhelming emotion I felt after finishing Christie Tate’s Group.

The book unfolds a story where Christie is willing to be isolated and fantasizes about her own death. She is sure her mental state won’t improve, and that’s when therapist Dr. Rosen comes in.

She joins the life-changing world of group therapy.

How does Christie move forward with her supreme emotional baggage? That you need to find out, reading it.

I liked the raw, painful stories the author depicted from her life. Her story and honesty implored me to keep reading until the last page, and I am glad I did.

I loved the takeaways from the therapy because of the ways they worked for Tate. Again, It was a wonderful reminder to take care of my own problems and note that therapy is always open.

The perfect blend of humor and heartbreak included in Group by Tate makes it a fantastic read.

Get yourself a copy today.

2. Keep Moving by Maggie Smith

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“Today, take one step, however small, toward creating a life, you can be proud of.” — Maggie Smith

A few years back, we were having the most challenging times of our lives with the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. By God’s grace, my family and I have been safe, but the negativity around greatly impacted us. Both my professional and academic segments had hit rock bottom, and I needed some motivation.

That’s when I came across Keep Moving by Maggie Smith.

An impactful, short book with the purest intentions by Maggie Smith, and there could have been no better time for its publishing. In the wake of her divorce, Maggie composes this deeply touching book of quotes and affirmations to convey that we should keep moving no matter what.

The book is centered around her mental health after divorce, but there are enough common themes to make any reader relate to her words. In a stagnant world, Smith’s book is a reminder to keep going no matter the adversities. The autobiographical clips and engaging interactions with the children all contribute to the book's grace.

Every statement in the book was beautiful and resonated with me. Her writing encouraged me to stay in touch with who I am and become what I want to be while celebrating the struggles of life.

Get yourself a copy today.

3. So to Speak by Shirley Kobliner and Harold Kobliner

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“One of the greatest gifts we give to our children and friends is to fill our language with life. We live our lives in language.” — Shirley Kobliner and Harold Kobliner

I had this on my wishlist for a long time and finally read it a few days back. This delightful book of common phrases is a must-read if you’re willing to explore the world of expressions. The piece is no less than an activity book, divided into 67 categories, from animals to food and dishes, and from politics to love.

Do you know what the book is an ideal suit for? A game night with friends or family. Yes, you read it right.

The exquisitely interactive book is designed to get the readers off-page and engage with each other through the games, puzzles, debates, and plays inside. I had a wonderful time with my family celebrating it, with my aunt being the best gamer and scoring the highest points till it ended.

Authors Shirley and Kobliner invested a lot of time in nurturing and caring for children. The book, So to Speak, is an excellent imitation of their belief that irrespective of your age, the most effective learning is when you’re having fun learning it.

I recommended it to one of my older sisters for her preschool kid. The playful wordplay and games will be a treat to the entire family.

Get yourself a copy today.

4. I Would Leave Me If I Could by Halsey

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“I’m half of everything I hate, and half of everything I create.”— Halsey

Grammy-nominated musician Halsey is an inspiring  figure.

Very few could achieve Halsey’s heights regarding being the voice of her generation. Her book, I Would Leave Me If I Could, is a collection of poetry where she opens up about the longing, love, and myriad shades of bipolar disorder.

Halsey uncovers her soul in this magnificent collection of poems.

In one of her interviews, she said that few things don’t need a standup or don’t come with a punchline. She feels conversation around mental health is impactful. This helped her write the book to discuss the issues with her fans openly.

Like her decorative lyrics, the poems explore the ups and downs of wretched relationships, family bondings, mental complications, and sexuality. Studded with powerful confessions and observations, the autobiographical elements in the poems show what it signifies to be a feminist in quest of power.

Each poem sparked different feelings in me; while some made me emotional, a few took away my breath. Yet others left me confused and willing to read more. Halsey’s delicate craft inside the poems familiarized me with her artistic side.

Get yourself a copy today.

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