4 Powerful Tools For Entrepreneurs To Land High-Paying Clients

4 Powerful Tools For Entrepreneurs To Land High-Paying Clients
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Grow your social presence and build multiple income streams.

In 2022 alone, over 182,605 people lost their jobs.

As the world sinks into an era of uncertainty, it’s high time you stop thinking a job guarantees safety.

To make yourself recession-proof, you need more income streams.

Start your side hustle today with these tools. Don’t sleep on it.

1. ReachOut.AI

What it does: It’s an AI tool that personalizes your outreach by automatically generating one-on-one videos at scale.

Cost: One-time purchase of $79 on AppSumo (60-day money-back guarantee)

You know how essential cold emails are to land your dream clients. It’s a channel that gets you gigs on demand even when you don’t have any connections or followers.

But since several other people are also sending emails to the same prospects, how do you get your email opened, read, and positively replied to?

By sending a personalized video pitch.

With a personalized video, your prospects know you invested time and effort in reaching out to them, and you’re not simply copying the same email to everyone.

This works well. Stats show that a video pitch gets 200–300% CTR (click-through rate) compared to a text email, which is huge.

But recording and editing a video takes up a lot of time. It can take forever to record a separate video for every prospect on your list.

That’s where ReachOut.AI comes in.

It’s an AI-powered tool that converts text into talking-head videos and automatically sends emails to 100s of potential clients at once.

All you need to do is, select from over 1,000 AI-generated human faces that fit your brand, input the video script, and the tool will create the video for you.

Click here to see it in action.

Want to see it in action?
Just tell us where to send it.

What impressed me the most about this tool is — you can even clone yourself inside it to create videos instead of AI avatars. The tool will use your face and voice to generate videos, which work like magic.

ReachOut.AI gives you complete freedom to customize the videos the way you want:

  • Personalize thumbnails,
  • Use prospects’ websites as video backgrounds,
  • Generate personalized landing pages for each video,
  • Change colors and customize CTA buttons, and
  • Add chat widgets to increase engagement.

It supports over 3,000 apps and 100+ CRMs and email tools to help you easily create and send emails from your favorite email tool.

Once the emails are sent, you can track the results like button clicks, video plays, and conversions from your dashboard.

It amazes me how much you can grow your business with this single tool without paying an exorbitant amount.

The lifetime deal of $79 is only valid till 4th Dec 2022. Get it before it’s gone. It’s worth it.

2. SocialDog

What it does: It’s an all-in-one Twitter marketing tool with amazing growth features to help you get clients from Twitter.

Cost: Free ($9/month on an annual subscription of Lite+ plan to schedule 30 tweets in a month.)

As mentioned earlier, cold emailing is a widely used method of getting clients. But nothing can beat the power of inbound leads.

I built my whole writing business by posting content online. It grabbed the attention of prospects and earned me high-value gigs without reaching out to anyone.

Both LinkedIn and Twitter have been great platforms for acquiring clients.

But the recent Twitter surge with Elon Musk buying the platform is giving it an all-time high traction. If you’ve been thinking about building your personal brand on Twitter, this may be the best time to do it.

(Source: Elon Musk’s tweets on Nov 11, 2022. Screenshot by the author)

You can use SocialDog to make the most of this Twitter wave.

I was in talks with their team lately, and I was impressed with the growth features they’re providing (and planning to add) at an affordable price.

With a 4.5 stars rating on G2 and over 1 million users worldwide, it takes care of everything you need to grow on Twitter.

You can see all the statistics that Twitter hides from you and understand what your audience likes the most to make data-driven decisions.

SocialDog provides amazing growth features like:

1. Tracking the effectiveness of your tweets

It brings all your data to one location, including followers, mentions, likes, and unfollows. You can monitor all the data points from a simple dashboard.

You can also track how your tweets are performing to optimize them further and reach a bigger audience.

(Source: Tekpon)

2. Schedule tweets

You don’t have to write tweets every day. With SocialDog, you can bulk-create and schedule them at peak engagement times.

You can also schedule retweets to your best-performing tweets to gain more traction.

3. Follower management

You can follow people who tweet about certain topics and unfollow those who’ve gone inactive to keep your feed filled up with inspiring ideas.

4. Keyword monitoring

This helps you find tweets that contain keywords related to your niche. You can then follow and engage with them to build relationships with the author. You might even convert these relationships into long-term contracts.

Try out SocialDog for free (with an easy 1-minute registration).

3. Project.co

What it does: It helps you manage projects, communicate with clients, send invoices, track payable hours, and much more.

Cost: Free ($8/creator/month billed annually to manage unlimited projects.)

When you scale your business and start getting multiple projects, you can’t rely on email and Google sheets anymore.

You need an all-in-one project management tool that lets you keep track of the project’s progress and client communications, so you don’t miss anything important.

But most project management tools are often complex to use. If you invite your clients to the tool, they might use it for a while and then leave it because of the long learning curve.

So even when your team communicates on the same platform, you have to talk with your clients via email threads. This is when work becomes hectic, and deadlines slip away.

That’s where Project.co comes in.

It’s a client-friendly project management tool that helps you work on projects from start to finish.

With Project.co, you can easily collaborate with clients, manage projects, and send invoices from one simple dashboard.

The tool is easy to navigate and gives you complete visibility over all aspects of your business.

You can assign tasks to team members and keep track of their progress. You can also check tasks in multiple views, manage files, communicate using the in-built chat tool, and much more. This helps you quickly understand what’s happening in your business and make critical decisions faster.

It lets you track payable hours and bill clients directly from the tool always to get paid on time.

(Source: Project.co)

Project.co integrates with all popular tools like Google Docs, Figma files, Airtable, and more to streamline your workflow.

You can reply to comments, react with emojis, and tag people from your email, and it’ll automatically get posted in the feed.

If you’re thinking about (or already) scaling your business, this tool can make your life much easier.

Try Project.co for free today.

4. ContextMinds

What it does: It’s a mind-mapping tool that helps you brainstorm project ideas and plan your business strategies.

Cost: Free (Get unlimited private maps and 6000 topic ideas/month in the Pro plan: $19/month.

Get Lifetime access to all the features in the Pro plan for a one-time investment: $69)

As a business owner, you have to come up with best strategies to grow your business in this competitive world. But ideas are often far too scattered in your brain to make sense of them.

That’s where ContextMinds helps you.

It’s a two-in-one tool that lets you visualize the ideas running in your head and also do keyword research simultaneously.

All you need to do is, open its digital whiteboard and create a mind map of your ideas. The tool will help you organize them, spot patterns, and connect the dots between ideas.

It lets you dig deeper into each topic by suggesting more relevant subtopics in real-time. You can do exhaustive research without looking up on the internet and losing your focus.

You can use this tool to do keyword research. It pulls data from the internet and other similar mind-maps to suggest keywords. It’s easy to find the SERP results and key keyword metrics and add notes on each keyword so you can refer to them later.

(Source: AppSumo)

Once you’ve created the strategy, you can share the direct link with your client. The best thing is, they don’t even need to have an account with ContextMinds to access your mind map.

You can also make your mind-map public for your team to check and refer to while working on the strategies.

Never lose that train of thought again with ContextMinds.

Get its lifetime access today!

Final Words

Summarizing, here are the four tools that will help you land high-paying clients and grow your social media presence:

  • ReachOut.AI: Send personalized videos at scale.
  • SocialDog: Get clients from Twitter.
  • Project.co: Streamline workflow by managing clients, projects, and teams from one platform.
  • ContextMinds: Brainstorm and organize your ideas.

I hope you found some amazing tools to grow your business faster. Which of them are you going to use first? Let me know in the comments.

Author’s note: Some of the links mentioned in this article are sponsored. But I love these tools so much, I would never have shared them with you if I didn’t think they can add amazing value to your life and journey as a side hustler.

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