[Announcement] The BAOS Book Club Launches Today!

No algorithms. Personalized stories delivered straight to your inbox.

[Announcement] The BAOS Book Club Launches Today!
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No algorithms. Personalized stories delivered straight to your inbox.

Hello readers and writers!

Today, I’m so happy to announce that we are launching the Books Are Our Superpower Book Club today!

It’s a collaborative effort by 7 writers across the world to bring to you detailed personalized insights from books spanning genres like psychology, history, self-improvement, contemporary fiction, and world literature.

If you loved the articles on BAOS Medium, you’re going to love the Book Club even more. No algorithms. Stories delivered straight to your inbox. Become a member here:

Join the BAOS Book Club today.

What Will I Get as a BAOS Book Club Member?

If you join the BAOS book club, here’s what you’ll get:

  • 14 articles each month from 7 writers across the world. These are detailed essays, summaries, and insightful book discussions on genres ranging from fiction, psychology, history, world literature, creativity, and award-winning books.
  • 1 virtual book club meet-up on Zoom each month where you get to meet the community and the team of writers.
  • Details about upcoming books + news on everything HOT happening in the world of books.
  • In-depth, personalized, & detailed discussions.
  • A chance to interact with your favorite authors.
  • Read future bestsellers before they’re published spanning several genres and by writers from different countries.
  • Cool contests and giveaways that will give you a chance to win exclusive BAOS merch.
  • A community to bond over books, start insightful discussions, and share your opinions with the world.
  • ….and more.

The membership fee is $5.

Whatever you pay will be divided among the writers and will be used to grow the community further. This is a great way to support your favorite writers and publication.

Join the BAOS Book Club today.

You can also join for free. As a free member, you’ll get:

  • 4 articles each month on psychology, world literature, creativity, and YA fiction.
  • Access to the community and a chance to have meaningful conversations over books unlike any other place on the internet.

Introducing Our First Writer

Our first story is by the amazing Ashley Broadwater. Her first story will discuss 5 LGBTQIA+ YA Fiction Books Coming Out in Summer 2021.

LGBTQIA+ YA fiction books make for great summer reads. Several are coming out in June and July! These 5 books will help you celebrate Pride even after June and all year long. The release date, summary, Ashley’s personal thoughts, and links are all included.

I’m letting her take over the next section here-

Hey everyone!

I’m Ashley Broadwater, an avid reader and writer living in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Here’s a writing-related fun fact about me: When I was little, I wrote mystery stories about a detective named Cacktell Jones in a SpongeBob notebook!

My articles for the BAOS Book Club will be different from my usual BAOS articles. First, I’ll focus solely on young adult fiction (my favorite genre!). Second, the topics for my Book Club articles may also center more on upcoming books, books with movie/TV adaptations, and overall takeaways.

I’m excited to write and talk about books more with you all!

Join the BAOS Book Club today.

You can read more details in our announcement post here.

That’s all from my end today. I hope you will continue showing your love and support to us as we move ahead with our new venture. Any comments or suggestions will always be welcome.

If you’d like to write for the BAOS Book Club, leave a reply here. Or you can always reach out to me via email or any social media messaging as well.

See you over at the Book Club!

Creator, Books Are Our Superpower